Sunday, May 1, 2022





Dive deep

Into the blue sea;

Stretch out your arms,

For depth, strive.

Maybe you'll reach

For that seashell,

Lying cocooned

At the bottom of the sea.


You might see

Those two pearl eyes

Hiding in the seashell.

Maybe they'll be happy for you;

Maybe they'll smile at you.


I Miss You


Tonight, I miss you like never before,

I miss laying my head upon your chest.

Tonight, I miss you making me smile,

I miss your cold hands making me warm.


I miss you wiping the tears from my eyes,

So, their salt leaves no mark.

I also miss those morning a long time ago

When we were getting ready for vacation.


I miss you like dried flowers miss the water,

Taking one last breath,

Even they sometimes flourish

When watered with lots of love.


I miss you…




Stop the winds.

They're blasting from the sea,

Let that ship

come into port.


Stop the waves.

They're wrecking the shore.

Stop the tears

They're burning. I'm choking on them.


I'm looking at that ship

anchored at sea

and its captain

at the window, standing alone.


Where there is no wind

the ship he turned around,

leaving the helm to me

as a memory.


Goodbye, captain,

good luck in another port,

maybe on my right side

you don't belong after all.


The other seas

Let your ship sail

while I, in this poem,

keep you safe.




LJUBICA KATIC was born in Montenegro, where she lived and worked until 2008 when she came to Croatia and stayed there. She writes children's, love, social, spiritual and haiku poetry. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages. She has won many awards and recognitions, both in her country and abroad. She is represented in many anthologies around the world. She has published two books of love poetry, bilingual Croatian-English. She is a member of several literary associations. She lives and works in Split-Croatia.

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