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Prayer To Kabul



you have my most brilliant star,

allow him to illuminate you,

that you might be caught-up in his love,

that he tells you what he intends,

feel that there is peace in its heart.


Kabul, Kabul

be his friend,

his faithful friend,

watch to keep his back safe,

watch also his foot-steps,

that he might return home

safe and sound,

his family awaits him

with a life-long love

in order to embrace him

and never let him go.






tienes a mi estrella más brillante,

deja que te ilumine,

que te contagie de su amor,

que te cuente su intención,

siente que hay paz en su corazón.


¡Kabul, Kabul!

sé su amigo,

su fiel amigo,

cuida sus espaldas,

cuida sus pasos,

que regrese a casa

sano y salvo,

que su familia lo espera

con el amor de una vida

para poder abrazarlo

y jamás soltarlo._________________________-


Poetic Wishes


Never were the hours

important for me,

today I count the seconds,

the minutes,

and they all

pass so slowly,

would that the mirror

have the same opinion

and maintain the freshness,

the neurons,

the smile,

the light of your eyes,

because with the heart,

with the heart

one doesn’t quarrel,

it can´t, never had control.

—The heart will always be the reflection

of the soul, and the mirror knows it

and doesn’t get involved,

it leaves it intact,


because the soul protects it,

and in the end,

and the end is what defines you,

and defines me as a human being,

human with the capacity

to give,

to love,

of being…

May time be my ally

waiting for your steps...




Nunca las horas

fueron importantes para mí,

hoy cuento los segundos,

los minutos,

y todos ellos

pasan tan lentos,

ojalá que el espejo

tenga la misma opinión

y mantenga la lozanía,

las neuronas

la sonrisa,

la luz de los ojos,

porque con el corazón,

con el corazón,

no se mete,

no puede, nunca tuvo el control.

—El corazón siempre será el reflejo del alma,

y el espejo lo sabe

y no se inmiscuye,

lo deja intacto,


porque el alma lo protege,

y al final,

y al final es lo que te define

y me define como humano,

humano con capacidad

de dar,

            de amar,

de ser…


Que el tiempo sea mi aliado

en la espera de tus pasos…




Today my head is like an anthill,

I am the yellow flower

that has fallen into its chambers

and thoughts like ants

they come and go

they come and go

with opposing arguments.


What do I do?

Do I let them swarm in my brain

sting my senses

to riot my feelings

to swell my neurons?




I stay still,

as if dead,

so that they may move away

at their own pace,

without feeling

my movement

nor my breath.

A bell rings,

a candle is lit

scent of incense




my eyes open...




Hoy mi cabeza esta como hormiguero,

soy la flor amarilla

que cayó en sus aposentos

y los pensamientos cual hormigas

me recorren presurosas

van y vienen

con argumentos opuestos.


¡Qué hago!

¿dejo que se atiborren en mi cerebro

que piquen mis sentidos

que alboroten sentimientos

que hinchen mis neuronas?

O   S - I - M - P - L - E - M - E - N -T- E

me quedo quietita,

como muerta,

para que se alejen

a su ritmo,

sin sentir

mi movimiento

ni mi respiro.


Suena una campana,

se enciende una vela

aroma de incienso




mis ojos se abren…

/ D-E-S-P-I-E-R-T-O /



RAMINA HERRERA ARTEAGA: (Born in Luya, Amazonas, Peru, 1979), is a Business Administrator by profession, graduated from the National University of Trujillo (UNT), the more he feels Poet by vocation. She obtained an honorable mention in the Floral Tales of the UNT 2002. Her poetry book "Memorias de No Nacido" (MEMORIES OF THE UNBORN) was published on line by the magazine "VOCES" of Spain. In 2006 she was included in the anthology " PATHS OF POETRY" (Editorial Fund of the Provincial Municipality of Cajamarca). In 2007 she published the poetry book “NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” (Katequil Editores), recently published in AMAZON the poetry books: “LEI NAD 42:21”, “MOON WOMAN”, " NIGHT LONELINESS AND OTHER POEMS” second edition (digital); culminating the layout of the poetry books, " CONFESSIONS TO THE DAWN", “RIDING WITH THE WIND” and "MOUNTAIN WOMAN” all books under the editorial seal of EDICIONES KUELAP Lima - Perú. She participates in “GLOBAL POET AND POETRY GROUP” and is an active member of the board of directors and editorial board. She has received many prestigious awards and recognitions for her poetic and narrative writings. The acclaimed and well-known Peruvian poet, William Guillén Padilla writes about her poetry: "We are proud of her maturity and perseverance, eloquent and fluent command of language, for the themes treated and for her manifest lucidity. Ramina Herrera Arteaga, emerges with singular writing, to be registered, by her own merit, in the book of notable Peruvian poetry"

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