Sunday, May 1, 2022



Small Or Big People


From the wings of infinite hope

is unwound the thread

which connects our troubles,

and holds the bird trapped in our chest.


From the cells of the moments, we feed and grow.


The light, crumpled in the room of the soul

turns on and off from the smell of countless thoughts

which pulsate through our bloodstream.


How big are we!?


We, strange creatures of God,


to we get out of the narrow but

 secure space in the fertile uterus,

(like the larva from the cocoon)


and to sing or groan

as we tread on thorns,

to we cry or laugh

until the silk cover, caresses us,

our thoughts to spin in a vicious circle,

(unaware that they are creating it themselves)


and blinded by light

to we transform

to big people with small hearts

or to be children we - forever,

small people with big hearts.



Immortal Soul


Drink from the intoxicating wine

that drips from my soul -

she is an inexhaustible source,


steal from feelings

who tremble on my face,

tear part by part from my heart-

each torn cell

leave a new cell behind.


Do not you know-

tired but wrapped in hope

yet I am а light

which secretly shines in the darkness,

I am a life

who is resurrected even after death,


and fertile seed

which sprouts in barren soil,



drink, steal and tear from the soul

to be resurrected to immortality.



Deep Respect For God


Your name is blessed,

it's an integral part of the morning prayer.


Your steps are powerful,

they leave goodness behind-

I follow in their footsteps.


The deeds you do are strong

when you take me under your wing,

and you carry me in your arms

along the thorny paths,

full of traps of evil words

and desires of sinners.


Blessed is your word

in the consolation

with which you comfort me,

while I incline my heart

to the slogan of God,

so that mercy does not go astray

in the black darkness.



OLIVERA STANKOVSKA is a Macedonian poet, writer, and artist. She was born in 1963 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, and now lives, and works in Kriva Palanka. After graduating from high school, she studied German language and literature at the University of Philology in Skopje. Stankovska is the author of a collection of poems: "CONVERSATION WITH LIFE" (2013), "IN THE GAME WITH LIFE" (2017), "THE ROAD TO GOD'S EYES - a wreath of sonnets" (2019). As an author of poetry translated into English, she received the ARS Poetry Award from the website of Ahlepino Publishing House, Manila, Philippines (2013) Her poetry translated into English, Serbian, Marathi and Arabic has been repeatedly awarded and published in many written and electronic anthologies, both nationally and globally. She is a longtime member of the Literary Club "KALIN" in Kriva Palanka. Stankovska paints on porcelain and glass and practices decoupage technique on porcelain and glass. Her thoughts of life, also the theme of her songs, she publishes on her blog about art, culture and traditions. Her motto is: "Through art, I strive to stop time, the moment to last, and I to be present in its eternity ... Art is woven into every segment of my life. I believe in creativity, in beautiful and inspiring things." (


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