Sunday, May 1, 2022




My Pillow Was Wet


The last night of week-end

When I was going to bed

You came silently like a lion

Who takes position after its prey!

You knocked the door quietly

Entered tiptoes into my room

Whispered in the melodious voice

Melted some nectar in my ear

Your, such behavior was rare

You had held my hand

Took me to moon-light land

That was a serene seashore

Full of soft white sand

When we looked around

It was melancholic Virgin Island

I plucked some fruits

From the nearby tree

Believe me!

Those were absolutely free

We got our hands and robes

Messed with the juices of passions

We put off them to get into the water

The beach was so neat and clean

I don’t remember how long we swim

We were weeping on our departure

When I woke up

It was a pleasant morning for me

The room was smelling

With the fragrance of lily

One thing I noticed

That was very strange

There was no sign of rain

That scene, I can never forget

My pillow was wet!


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