Tuesday, August 1, 2023



My Prayer, 2023

A song from deserted land


If the sun is shining still

The darkness of grief will be bright

Then, I let it goes away

The heaven will be near to live in

If the pray is blissful


The blissful light will be shining

Through the darkness, I pray

To grasp the morning shines

Through the light of worshiping

I let my emotion run away


To state how thy life sad is

Though my tearful- eyes comes down

But I will be patient still

Though the moon is not smiling

I still feel confidence of its coming


I do not count how many times it comes

But I know it is sufficed to wait

That makes thy heart be calm

The pray is real to realize

Rather than not to pray in 2023


My Love, 2023

A song from North Sumatra


My song is quite short

With no melody and rhymes

It talks my love towards the earth

The song I sing is not as beautiful as hers

But it needs tones


My song is quite short

And it has an aim to state

Not to criticise what has been gazed

And the beautiful voice used flows slowly

Many people around become interested


To listen what I say

To explore what words are selected

The song makes my heart be so sad

And there is no lighting to soothe

My feeling is so far away


To remember my age becomes shorter

Though my feeling is too young

To realize how beautiful nature I live in

My whispering is heard

And it might not be separated from


The nature is really for us

To enjoy with full of blessing

I keep writing always

To state I am in the love of nature

Which may not be exiled from thy lives


My Love Is Not For You Only


My love is not for you only

But for those who pay much attention to the lives

Whereas the moon comes to share its lighting

No question how much the lighting be there

Never to be counted


As long as this world belongs to us

But what should be done if this world will be angry

And its eyes will be blind

The darkness will be smiling

Since all creatures are blind, too


No ways and streets are opened

All are in vanished

Keep the love in the lives

While it comes to provide glory

The poems written will be witnesses


To see if the action is realized

The voice of thy verse makes sure

To write something is more precious

Rather than not to do everything



The life should not be like sparkling light

It should be like moonlight

To be bright in the dark

That's a hope for the next day


To Whom I Address My Love


To whom I address my love

Unless to whom I believe

Though the rose I pick up some decades

Who steals thy heart


Every morning the rose is in thy bed

Of Crimson Joy

Never dark secret love be fulfilled

And never be spoiled for so long


I used to keep it up all days

Because of its beauty

That makes me be more happy

In my life, never I betrayed that I am in the love




SIAMIR MARULAFAU (Indonesia): He is a bilingual poet, writer and author who writes in English and Indonesian language. He has published 9 books. He is an active member of various poetry groups on Facebook and participates in many poetry contests. His writings are part of several national and international magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies. He has won many awards for his poetry. Currently, he works as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Vocation, University of Sumatra Utara, Medan-Indonesia.


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