Tuesday, August 1, 2023





I join and separate continents with bread

This kind of game is always harmless

I make a paper bird and send it on its way

The moon is mostly my best friend

We talk often

We often rejoice

In my game

There are no hungry people

And the unfortunate ones




I give you all kinds of bullshit

I dare you

If you drink

That's love then

In the distance we see smoke from the cap of the volcano

Birds are our feelings

When they are mixed we love each other

When you see the smoke from the cap of the volcano

We are arguing

Life is extremely simple

I'm taking this skin off

To show you that under it

I don't have another one.



I lost my sleep

So I chase him and hunt him with a lasso

That beef is unusual

Very cheeky

And rude

If someone accidentally knocks that beef

To the door or window

Don't be merciful

Do not open the door to him




MILOVAN STANOKOVIĆ, poet and prose writer. Published books: Pavements of love, poetry, Književne novine, Belgrade, 1996. Night in us, poetry, Narodna knjiga-Alfa, Belgrade, 1999. Everything about the Fuller family, novel, Narodna knjiga-Alfa, Belgrade, 2001. Stories from the Eustachian tube, short prose, Stylos, Novi Sad, 2006. What flowers dream about: (69 poems), Prometheus, Novi Sad, 2008. If in the next life you will be a butterfly, novel, Književna opština Vršac, 2013. Ptolemy's songs, poetry, Literary Municipality of Vršac, 2018.

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