Tuesday, August 1, 2023



Not To Repeat


You stood proud

on the defense of the motherland,

where they said to stop,

and the mad whirlwind of war swept away

all that is worth.

What was thought to be needed,

and what was really needed, time will tell,

the epilogue is already known,

and the bloody days, the stamp of a mad time,

so that it doesn't happen again.


You stood watch at night

possessed by dark thoughts,

but you didn't guess in them either,

to the end of the life that flourishes,

both hopes and dreams were swept away by the gust.


Tears, pain and bitter life,

distressed families is not that,

what did you fight for, but it happened!

The cry and sob of a distressed mother

they are not the wages of your wasted life,

because he had no price.


for what ideals?

For whose days?


In The Night


A word was lost

what i wanted to say

I felt an unbearable need to "hate".

longing and the echo of silence floated through the night.

Words were irretrievably lost

walking silently into the distance,

carrying with him the last bit of sleep!

He asked himself, does she know that I started to hate everything!

Objects, people,

yourself as the main culprit for something,

probably unknown and worthless,

the answer came from nowhere,

only the distances were still staring at me, and me?

I went back to the beginning and started

To a new, old mistake or victory...

Slowly, through time!




There are many ideas and things in life that are like a haze

they slide elusively in front of us

and we strive for them carried by sleep.

Many truths have gone untold and lonely

in return.

Their weight is also part of our life path,

which we cannot say is sad,

and yet it's not strange...

Certainly Unusual.




DEJAN SPASOJEVIĆ: He is a member of the Association of Playwrights of Serbia and the Association of Writers of the Republic of Srpska. Publications: Iskra Njegoš's Saints / Dejan Spasojević. – Zvornik: SKDP Prosvjeta, 2013. Moral obligation / Dejan Spasojević. – Zvornik: SKDP Prosvjeta, 2013. Another face (collection of stories) / Dejan Spasojević. - Belgrade: Literary Youth of Serbia, 2011. Traces (a collection of prose and poetic works) / Dejan Spasojević and Vladimir Nedić. – Zvornik: SKDP Prosvjeta, 2008.

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