Tuesday, August 1, 2023



I Asked


I asked,

Don’t step on the rain

We'll tread in between the drops

Maybe, here in this field

Love lies waiting,

Love still wild,



Which we haven't yet





I don't know a thing

About foxes

I see the nails through their Sweaty eyes

That's why I left

But he persists

Bringing me a ripe moon

Under its light breaking into A dervish dance

Until he falls as dead

I don't draw near

To hear his wakened heart

As I've already said

What do I know about foxes?

(C) Shulamit Sapir -Nevo


Translated By Mel Rosenberg


Gulls Made Love


Gulls Made Love

On the water

I heard the sea

Pass gently

Between them

Even the surrounding sands

Held off the while.

(C) Shulamit Sapir -Nevo


Translated By Mel Rosenberg


I Yearn



I yearn

For things

That might have happened

For waves rushing ashore

And flooding me,


If I were the sand,

And you the sea.




SHULAMIT SAPIR-NEVO: Israel. Is a writer, a poet and the CEO of OURBOOX. She has published several books of poetry, in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Greek, and one novel. Many of her original poems in Hebrew and other poems that were translated into English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic were published in international newspapers and websites. She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry. She is a member of the “Israeli Writers Society"

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