Tuesday, August 1, 2023



My Script Is Written


My script has already been written

In my fate line it has been hidden

My birth is not just an occurrence

With ups and downs doing a balance


Each moment I am being pulled by

The rope of destiny towards an end

I watch standing by sides applauding

And mourning family, kins and friends




Under the clear sky of April

I lay and watch the clouds flitting

Far away from the verdant valleys

Comes fragrances of flowers blooming


I close my eyes and inhale

The morning wind blowing past

Caressing my face and tarries over

The landscape and moves away too fast


I remember you and our

Sweet love lying on the grasses

How you blushed when I kissed you

And hid my face under your dark tresses


Listening to the songs of

The cuckoos we close our eyes

I remember the days of sweet April

When love grows deep and skyward flies


I Have Not Written For Years


I don't want to write about how

Happy I have been all these years


People will read

And feel sad for my happiness

Though there is no reason to do so


I will write now about my sadness

About my broken love and loss in business

About leaking pipes that flooded

My kitchen and I went to work hungry


About my bleeding wound

From a road accident

And about my luxurious guava tree

That no more bear fruits


I want to see people happy




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