Tuesday, August 1, 2023





You pack instantly

all your feelings, thoughts,

periods, commas, romances, unwanted words...

in just one suitcase

and you leave

thinking of the end of the world.


While you wait for the whisper of the wind

to take away your most secret thought,

you see the sunrise, because

it is the source of

the pulsation within you.

You think of the night that passed

and on the unattainable steps, here to you.

You embrace the dream

from whose heat it spills

the whole world,

the one whose end

was a goal for you

and you realize that

the reason for existence

are tears of joy

in the moments when you think

that you are lost.


The Life


Travel is a frequency,

silent flickering of light,

expectant repetition of the blink,

momentary blinking of the eyes,

dream dreamed, undreamed,

illusion in reality

start of a new page,

clock that counts smiles,

echo of sad memories,

flames and ashes for souls

that buy happiness,

mercy and grace

with each inhalation,

longing gone in empty walls...


Life is a journey.


The hands on his watch

quietly diverge with the one

who measures time differently!




The fire that burns

never forgets

the invisible force

with which

makes magical shapes.


The whisper goes

through a gap

and calls for silence that

conquers the night from a far.


Man’s wish is the star

to fall into his hands

to warm his soul...

It only gets dust

mixed with a promise that

the grain turns into flame

when magic takes over the night.


Until then,

the morning will replace the night and

desire is just longing.




LIDIA RAZMOSKA TRIMOVSKA was born in 1982 in Ohrid, Macedonia.  She started her journey in the world of literature in her high school days.  Writes poetry, short stories, essays and book reviews.  Her poetry has been published in various magazines.  She has won awards at literary competitions.  She was a member of the literary clubs from Ohrid and Skopje, and was actively involved in radio guidance and literary presentations.  She is the author of the collection of poems "Lake Sigh". She is an editor and presenter on the blog "Firefly" (Светулка) on Facebook, where in addition to her works, she publishes works by other authors. She lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia.

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