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Aztecal IV

Of The Book The Ardent Word


She did not die from cold nor rain,

she went away sadly left as she fell.

She was not the rose on the winds,

that of the great horizons,

nor the rose of Jericho

that returns to life on placing it in water.

She did not know about eternities.

It is possible that at some time

she might have had blue eyes when she smiled;

in an instant she made the final voyage

from which one does not return

and learned to weep;

it was something which appeared like a dream.


Translation by Professor Margarita Feliciano (ANTARES House of Spanish Culture. Sponsored by The York University Bookstore-Department of Hispanic Studies, Glendon College, York University and The Enrichment Lectures and York University. Toronto. Canada.


Aztecal VIII


In this poem of the dead

your father died

your grandfather and your issue died

and the night ends with a glance.


In this poem of the dead

the love of your forebears died,

the birds died

and the star of your forehead silenced itself

like a fistful of sick roses.


In this poem of the dead,

your life died

and for the second time, your homeland died

when you remained to contemplate it

like a colorless rainbow.


In this poem of the dead,

your blood left you by two blue rivers

and a skeleton of shadows

in your eyes of snow

seeks, despite it all, the liberty of your people.


Translated from Spanish to English By Margarita Feliciano (ANTARES House of Spanish Culture. Sponsored by The York University Bookstore-Department of Hispanic Studies, Glendon College, York University and The Enrichment Lectures and Events Series of Stong College, York University. Toronto, Canada.


The Snow Falls In Your Pupils Of Gold


Blue circles mark the time,

winter bird was hidden in your thoughts,

the sadness you press the red heart

of a dead feeling.


Fragile as the foam of stars,

you are there under the trees

of your youth

waiting for a love is almost impossible,

there is no birds to accompany your loneliness,

pixie of the mist, child of the stars

of blue eyes,

girl who travel with the wind.


Translation Spanish - English By

Candida Pedersen

Stockholm, Sweden. December 2010




FRANCISCO AZUELA: Mexican poet and writer (1948). Dr. H. C. of the Honoris Causa Doctoral Cloister of Mexico. Awarded with one of the 4 Awards granted by a prestigious jury of the California State Polytechnic University, through its Department of English and Foreign Languages (College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences), to integrate the Spring Harvest International 2006 / 2007, one of the most prestigious English language editions in the United States. He was invited by the Center for Modern Literature of Iran to participate in the First Congress of Latin American Literature, 2007 in the cities of Tehran and Isfahan of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Participated together with representatives from 27 countries in the III International Feslatino de Culturas, Linguas e Literaturas Neolatinas held in the city of Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil from November, 2009. Member of the Society of Latin American and European Writers (SELAE) Se Milan, Italy, 2010. The Government and Parliament of Kazakhstan invited you to participate in the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC) October 2010. Astanam. Solenzara International Poetry Grand Prize, Université de la Sorbonne, Paris, France 2013. Selected among the 20 finalists of the LAIA 2014. Annual International Literature Contest, Poemas: Ensueño, organized by the Culture department of the Latin American Intercultural Alliance, New York. He was invited to participate together with fifty poets from twelve countries in the 45th International Poetry Festival "Poet Smederevo's Autumn", which took place from October, 2014 in Smederevo, Serbia.  Vincitori Assoluti XXXV Premio Mundiale di Poesía Nósside, Italy, 2020 and Ambassador in the World of the Nosside Prize, 2021. Honorary President of the Sydney International Poetry Festival, Australia 2022. Honorable Advisor of ASP (Poetry Garden) Digital magazine of Chinese Literature. Three nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature, 2021, 2022 and 2023. International Judge of "Wen Aiyi Poetry Award" Award Selection "Most Beautiful Poem" and "Most Beautiful Poetry Collection" of Qixi Festival 2022-2023 in China. Second Merit Award ex aequo VOICES FROM THE WORLD International Prize for Literary Art “Il Canto di Dafne”, Italia 2022.´ Honorary Doctors Degree by the Board of Prodigy Life Academy US 2023.



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