Tuesday, August 1, 2023



The End Of The Line


The shore overflows the silence of the season of uncertainty.

There is no more Persephone's abduction or Psyche's enchantment.

There are no birds to draw the sky,

nor torches to light the night.

There is no passion, no whisper or ardour.


Your hand, barren of us, beckons fate.

Desire knitted in silken sheets,

fades in the farewell suspended from your lips.

The crows augur frost

in the line of time.


I saw no more the saltpans of your eyes,

nor the sea of your lap.


The sonata in Adagio Sostenutto

agonises in pas de deux.

In lapidated absence,

the vacant gaze

dictates the verdict.

The swan succumbs on the stage.


Where Does

The Announced Spring Hover?


without a future,

chimeras wander

on the dying Earth.

insanity determines the direction.

no train can cross the darkness

nor the shadows of ignorance.

only pain,

lament and prayer.

in the room of rescue,

where the specters reside

Hope agonizes.

the naive sleep of childhood threatened.

Chronos charts the course.

the old, from the uninhabited embrace

pray to escape

the crematory flow.

on the dying Earth,

some are just cemeteries.

And me?

And you?

And the announced spring?


I Don't Know What To Say


I don't know what to say 

when my gaze rests on your lap

and crosses, impudently,

the autumn borders,

like the last ray of summer.

I dare to turn, silently, the key

and transpose the translucent mornings

of my feverish body,

to mitigate the thirst,

In the vintage I dream.

And in this healthy madness,

I touch the stars to offer them to you,

one by one,


in soft caresses,

at the dawn's threshold.




ISILDA NUNES is a writer, poet and artist who has been awarded with many prizes and recognitions. Her poems have been published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers in about fifty countries and translated into more than forty languages. She is co-author of some sixty national and international anthologies and author of books of poetry and prose. She has participated and organised numerous national and international cultural, literary and solidarity events in her country and abroad. She is: Founder and Vice-President of the Assembly of the Association UMEA (World Unionof Writers and Artists); Chairperson of the Language, Literature and Oratory Art Committee of Modern Pythian Games; President Pythian Games-Portugal; President of the Continental Union Ciesart and Presidency Council; Director General of the CiesartAdvisers and President of CIESART in Portugal; Member of the Board of Directors of Editorial Atunis; Full Member of the LIK Academy; Ambassador and Portuguese Language Editor of the international multilingual literary magazine The Archer; Vice-President MEL (Mulheres Empreendedoras da Lusofonia); International Consultant and Member of the preliminary Jury for China Poetry Garden Magazine; Chronicler at Helicayenne Magazine; Ambassador for Peace and Humanity IFCH Morocco; Associate Editor at Chinese Poetry Circle magazine University; Honorary Member of the Movements: MIL, ALDCI, Lírio Azul and CEMD.


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