Tuesday, August 1, 2023



Briareus' Beloved


He had removed my sting

And filled me with poison.


I only knew love before we met;

He taught me to hate.


I used to read while walking

On the streets and stopped


Just at the open manhole

Cut to the left, restarted


Reading King Solomon’s Mines

Or Sherlock Holmes to home.


I was a bookworm as the books

Warmed me and people warned me.


Let him bite my thirst and trap

My broken heart-attacking mind.


After doubts, there's faith and

The faithful believe in the beloved.


I See The Sea.


I see the sea

But cannot see the whole


Its particle by particle,

drop by drop and every part

With all its details

It invites me to think


I swim in the sea

But the desire to drown remains

It does not stop itself from drowning

That's why I come back

Towards life


I dip my feet in the water at the beach

But do not completely soak myself

Because my whole being gets wet

And the water of the sea calls me

Shakes up inside, pulls the ground from under my feet


I cry

And the sea turns into tears

and is eager to come out

Fire wants to scatter rainbows in water colors


But the fire inside

The sea gives comfort

And turns it into soft coals


Keep burning,

all the exhaustion goes away in this kiss

Which the sea water gives

On my feet on the beach sand


Those kisses are the home for,

and comforting

Tickling on my soft soles,

A poem written with emotion


And when I see the moon on the sea

It seems very lonely, like myself

And the sun looks bright


And the clouds hold hands

like a lover, like a friend


Far away, the sea and

the sky meet on the horizon


I in red clothes,

Standing alone on the edge

Trying to capture my dupatta

from the strong wind

And my long hair

A failed attempt to stop it from flying


And when the loving gaze of the beloved

(In these fleeting moments)

teases my source of beauty

The life goes out of me


On the edges of my lips

A shy smile emerges

And transfers to the

Beloved's lips and eyes


On the shore of the Sea

I feel

That if he didn't hold me

Then the sea will call me


Just like a painting

I get caught in the eyes of the beloved:


On the beach

In red clothes blowing in the wind

The epitome of beauty

The ocean smiles with us both

The picture gets completed.


Animal Kingdom!


The times have changed

We don’t write beautiful

Stories and poems now

As we did in last centuries


The millennium started with

SARS and the so-called war

On terrorism in Afghanistan

Everything is computerized


The machinations of people,

Robotics, artificial intelligence

Fake organs, multiple sites,

Dimensions in virtual world


Followers, fans and friends

Online ratings’ more important

Than family members’ time

Timeline events more noticeable


Conjugal systems are changed

Drastically by online dating sites

Easy access to love markets

Multiple mates are the new trends


One person multiple identities

Fake profiles unable to detect

The reality based on real-time!

Cyber wars are contact lenses


Now we can choose to change

The reality at the whim of Mond

X-ray visuals and videos at will

Can reproduce our cloned parts


Custom made mates for use

As per our wishes and desires

Customer service cares for you

That too is very much online!


We have forgotten nature

Baby poop and cow dung

Rana tigrine, algae, fungi

Fresh air fragrance of roses




Engr Dr NAILA HINA: (Dr. CMA, MBA, B. E.) A Former Engineering University Instructor, an international award-winning author of 100+ multilingual books, a poet from Karachi, Pakistan. Best Writer of the Decade, editor, translator. Literary Captain at Story Mirror. Recommend for Nobel Prize for Literature 2022. * Continental Manager of Asia, World Press Agency. Naila Hina is humanitarian and graceful. She holds basic degree in Mechanical Engineering with MBA and CMA. She has been awarded Honorary Doctrates. Multitalented she has written poems and books since childhood. Her name is recommended for Nobel prize for Literature 2022. * Dr Naila Hina has translated many Nobel Prize works in Urdu, like Richard Feynman’s book : Surely You are joking Mr. Feynman! Engr. Dr Naila Hina is the first person to translate the Deewaan/ poems of Imrul Qais, father of Arabic poetry.  Dr Naila Hina has published and translated all the books of Dutch poet Germain Droogenbroodt.. She owns a radio station named as Bahisht e Char saat, and NCN Naila-Hina cultural media Network.



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