Tuesday, August 1, 2023



A Broad Room In A Heart


In my heart, only one season stays for you and me

With fair weather enabling us to pick roses everyday

to dress the porch where we sit alone cozily with the rosy petals

two wooden chairs accommodate our bad and good times


like the porch, we aged, unawaringly

because time, a thief that kidnapped our youth

moving noiselessly, brought from us many

strength, endurance, stability, beauty


we grow in darkness and in light

laughter and tears, separated and reconnected

but we never really leave each other

a broad room in our hearts where the crazy memories are

draw us to come again,

celebrating each and every inch of this life.


A Peaceful Sleep


Sleep here, my love

On my shoulder you’re dreaming of

With a lullaby of waves’ melodious sound

Softly touch the silvery sands


With a tender kiss on your temple

I carry you to a peaceful sleep

Till the moon subsides

And the sun soon glides

Caressing your eyes

With its clear light.




Your eyes are my eyes

Looking outside

at the blackness of the night

Great moonlight

The sun nowhere in sight

The beauty spreads, left to right

I feel in awe all the might

Moonlight in my soul

Sweet love in your lips

Tenderly whispers

Tenderly whispers




EWITH BAHAR is a multi-award-winning poet, novelist, translator and essayist from Indonesia, with a long time career in radio and television industry, as script-writer, interviewer and anchor. Prior to joining RCTI (The biggest private TV station in Indonesia) in 2004, she previously was a host for several musical and cultural programs for TVRI (Indonesian government TV station). Ewith was one of TVRI’s announcers who was often sent to be master of ceremonies at presidential palace, ministries and embassies, conveyed in Indonesian or English. She has published eleven books, in all genres: poetry, novel, short stories, and essays. Her poems were published in many newspapers, journals and online medias, home and abroad. And also, can be found in approximately 90 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and international level. She’s also editor for more than ten poetry anthologies since 2014. The recent ones, as co-editor for poetry book with hundreds of poets from five continents, World Contemporary Poets, and as editor-in-chief for World Poets’ Legacy, that gathered almost two hundreds international poets. Many of her poems have been translated into foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, Indian, Serbian, Armenian, Uzbek, Tajikistan, Bengali, Nepali, French, Italian, Arabian, Chinese, Catalan, Macedonian and Korean. One of her poetry books, Sonata Borobudur, got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019. As a literary activist, she joined many international literary associations and communities. She is a secretary general of Poetry and Literature World Vision; once appointed as a member of Organizing Committee of yearly Panorama International Literature Festival two years in a row, 2021 and 2022, organized by Writers Capital Foundation, as a prominent collaborative event between India and Italy. August 2021, she obtained an honor as a keynote speaker, conveyed virtually, in a K.M. Anthru International Literary Prize in India. She is now active in KaBi (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel) and as a public speaker for creative writing, communications and bibliotherapy.

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