Tuesday, August 1, 2023



O Listen


A modestly dressed fairy

Of dead hearts

Certes! An antidote

I am left with longing.


So come as a raindrop,

Let me meet you,

Eyes will get relief,

And let the heart become a garden.


Let me think of your thoughts

Your soul is a pure elixir

I wish to dive into it,

O Listen, my inner peace.


I Am Still In Search


I fell into a mare’s nest,

As soon as I woke up,

A sneer in the midst of loud voices,

I heard a nugget of hatred.

Beyond the coast,

I wish to dive deep,

I am bound in kinship though

Still, I wish, I wish to travel long.

I am the bell of peace though

I lost the knocker in me.

What is my error?

I am still in search.


I Gathered Her In My Arms


I met a vagabond of a distant land,

Tears in sparkling eyes,

A life of lamentation,

The irony was palpable.

Torn clothes shrouded in dust,

A faint voice heard,

To me, a sudden shock

Oh, hungry for a weekend.

I gathered her in my arms,

And I fed her in the dining room,

To help the needy people,

I am very happy indeed.


KHURSHEED AHMAD WANI is a teacher by profession. Apart from being a teacher, he is also a prolific writer, poet and co-author. His debut poetry book entitled ' The Seraphic Garland’ has been published in March 2023. His poems have appeared in international magazines and anthologies including Wheelsong Poetry Anthology 1 & 2, Emerald V-2, Our Changing Earth V-2, ILA Magazine USA, Prime Heritage Magazine Nigeria and many others. He is from Batagund, Jammu and Kashmir UT, India.


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