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Your Eyes In Glass Of Sorrow


Your eyes in glass of sorrow

rosemary scent and picture on the lap


Memories full of roses

And dreams of guilt with pain

Childish bittersweet refrain

This little soldier in the left brain

Singing song of sadness

Fighting to sustain


Your eyes in glass of sorrow

rosemary scent and picture on the lap


Heavy rains with clouds of dust

vanishing the stories on pictorial scene

melting everlasting blue reflection on the screen


There was a boy in flame of passion

it burned him to the skin and bone

Once he was awake by the scream of love

reminded that his true love’s gone


Don’t ever challenge a vulnerable child

his wounds are deep enough,

he bears the heart of the bravest soldier.


Never ever say to someone “you old man”

Don’t ever disregard the wrinkles of wisdom

Carousel of life is shining in a bigger picture

The wheel of blindness, turning up and down...


He’s sitting calm now, observing the sky, breathing the stardust...


Your eyes in glass of sorrow

rosemary scent and picture on the lap...

©® Zlatan Demirović


Holy Trinity


A Guardian Angel, Black Devil, and I.

Living together and very inseparable! 

Just as the sun, moon, and Earth,

with the stones, water, and air.


While breathing the stardust, 

the sun is caressing him,

and the storms are bathing him. 

Traveling the paths, 

carved by dreams, 

in search for his unknown “I”

how can he compile or compare it? 


On the split ends of tiled trails, 

bounded by flowers

choked in the midst of thorns and weeds,

he followed a light shining from his heart,

absorbing flashes of lightning

descending from above, 

grasping the brazen images carried by them.

So, bless the angels for every sign they send

on the only path to the stars! 


Do it really quietly with a pleasant voice,

and patiently – not to wake the devil!

Thusly, for that reason,

painfully stumbling on bloody knees,

he’s to embrace and greet the stone in his shoe,

and the sand and pollen in his hair and eyes

with the arriving evening wind.


Well, even with that eyelash pinching in his eye,

he will be blessed,

with eternal gratitude from the angels

for his abundant eyelids radiating beauty. 

© Zlatan Demirović


Double Sun


Double sunshine will soon appear in the sky!

Two suns will go from the west,

like two twins,

and then neatly fled to the east ...


It wouldn’t be an illusion, directed by

known human delusions creators...

It will surprise them, as well!


So, everything will disappear on the horizon...

All the mountains and the sea

will be delayed as well,

and will sink into the abyss of oblivion

in lost memory of those,

who, don’t exist anymore.


Less more, nothing changes,

because everything

suppose to happen,

already happened...

It’s just someone’s dream,

and, who knows, who’s that

or does him exists army all...


However, must be,

at least, just a particle of knowledge,

stored in eternal consciousness,

which, according to the law of existence,

had been given to someone,

somewhere, sometimes!

To someone,

much more aware

than us...



©® Zlatan Demirović


The Composer


What does that composer compose?


As if sowing grain,

he does it skillfully.

He's a connoisseur, obviously!

Cause he’s not in rush to reap it yet...


 As if he knows well,

 not just about the stars,

 but also, that higher sphere,

 from which everything comes,

 his notes as well...


 He's not a lumberjack,

 which brings joy

 and a poplar of love to the house...


 He is something much more,

 that soul-breathing weirdo,

 who seeks it in matter.

 When it appears to him,

 he doesn't rush to hug it (her)

 rather he invites her for a walk,

 over glades, lakes

 and paths of her memory,

 to find from her,

 what’s that traveler's way,

 who, while flying

 through clouds and time,

 can see, or it seems to him,

 that he’s here now...


So, she tears him up

over dewy sheets,

leading him through

her abysses, all the way

to secret waterfalls,

where the rainbow paints,

as the water and stone

hug each other in one heart...


What’s that seeker’s void,

while flying through the clouds,

assuming, as he dreams,

that he is here right now?


Weird notes are now composed

by that composer...

 ©® Zlatan Demirović





It’s poison!

Elixir of happiness,

floating through the veins...


Mesmerizing shadow

at the edge of all dreams,

vibrating in telomeres...


Childish killing dream,

the old man’s self-esteem...


First teenage creation,

the neuroplasticity

visions of imaginary worlds.


Just like an apple,

and a sin, divided in two...

Who’s to lose,

it’s always you!




Because there’s one

secret pristine shape,

the color of violet light,

the smell of mother’s milk,

imprinted in every heart,

driving us to the end

of endless road...


And there’s always,


a woman of your dream...

©® Zlatan Demirović




ZLATAN DEMIROVIĆ Bilingual book writer, novelist, critic, internationally acknowledged poet, and trilingual translator (English, Czech, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbin languages). * The founder of PRODIGY LIFE ACADEMY and author of the PRODIGY LIFE PROGRAM, which serves as a platform for spiritual and personal development. * Founder and Editor in Chief of PRODIGY PUBLISHED-USA * Founder and Editor of PRODIGY MAGAZINE-USA Translated into: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hindu, Bengal, BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Albanian, Dutch, Hausa Nigerian, Arabic, Aleut (Alaska), Pakistan, Bahasa-Indonesia, Kurdish, Persian, Azerbaijan, Tajik, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Tamil, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Assam, Vietnamese and more, on the way

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