Friday, September 1, 2023



All The Stars


We loved too much what we lost

in a night of fire and carnage

From our childhood

we only kept the roots

of the tree that raised us,

the ancestors we adored,

because they had in them

lots of rain, blood, passion

Now to the other land

we will plant the seeds

of new dreams and expectations

We'll make a bet

with our burnt selves

how when we become adults

we will carry on our backs

all the stars of the Universe

in the new soils of our salvation


My Burning Heart


My silence became inevitably comfortable

under foreign eyes

The fire of my unforgettable homeland

it stuck in my mouth

my last wishes

which had been nailed down by profane years

like prayers in the depths of heaven

Now I watch through the cracks of time the escape

of life-giving light

through some smiling stars

I observe my days

to walk backwards through my diary

Who thinks that will be saved after all

my burning heart?

My hands remain frozen

in an uncertain world


Heavenly Walk


Let's go for a heavenly walk

with our starships, flying low in the stars

It is desirable

to recognize each other's trajectories

as they will be deleted

from our every step, from our every kiss

in the inexpressible starry nebulae,

to pulsating black holes,

in the strange flashes of the Universe

Let's hide

on the safe side of the asteroids

away from bad places and traps

Let's mislead each other

in his own erotic spin spin




CHRISTOS DIKBASANIS is a poet, writer and scholar of religions. He was born in Thessaloniki, where he graduated from the Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He holds a Master's Degree (MTh) in Religious Studies. His poems and essays have been presented in many literary magazines, print and electronic. Many of his poems have been dramatized by the theatrical groups. Also, Christos Dikbasanis  has been included in the “GREAT  ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MODERN GREEK LITERATURE of HARI PATSI publications”, as well as in the "WHO'S WHO" of journalists. He has participated with his texts in collective works and anthologies. He has been honored with important national and international awards.




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