Friday, September 1, 2023





...and they gave her up for dead

at an age

when life

was center stage

...and they mourned for her

before she had even

shut her eyes

taken her last breath

...they came visiting

to say in not

so many words

'you will be missed

pitiful looks directed

from colleagues distressed

...she was scared, to say the least

leaving behind

her two little girls

too young to

be orphaned

Unfair!, shaking off the fear

willed herself to live

Took what it took

to get back into form

through disciplining

mind, body, and soul has now plateaued

She stands erect

taking stock of past events

of over seven decades

A warrior she is

brokered a deal

to meet Thanatos

strictly on her terms

and conditions


*Thanatos (Greek god of death)

©Snigdha Agrawal


Out Of Comfort Zone



Some scared

Some indifferent

Some exuding confidence

Kiddos happily oblivious

with parents

sitting on the edge

waiting at the reception


Ones scared keep fidgeting

in their cushioned seats

Those indifferent display

attitude of nonchalance

'que sera sera' whatever

will be will be

Young ones, invariably seen

brimming with confidence

Mothers-to-be, anxious

for a sex determination test

disregarding signages

declaring "strictly illegal'

Oldies always bearing

looks of resignation


Aseptic atmosphere pregnant

with emotions running amok

each preoccupied with their thoughts

while names are called

to meet the men in white coats

as though they hold

the solution to all cures

©Snigdha Agrawal




You always ask how much I love you

I always maintain it is unquantifiable

You here's what I have to say

...unmeasured beyond the 


...consistent as the rise of waves

...unchanged unlike the seasons

...deeper than the deepest


...stronger than Tungsten

...more precious than you'll ever

   guess price can be attached to it


Does that answer your questions??


Let our love never be made into a calculus.

©Snigdha Agrawal




SNIGDHA AGRAWAL (nee Banerjee) is Bengali born, raised, and educated in a cosmopolitan environment, with exposure to the Eastern and Western cultures, imbibing the best of both worlds.  With more than two decades of experience working in the corporate sector, her outlook on life is balanced, which reflects in her writings. A versatile writer, she writes all genres of poetry, prose, short stories, travelogues, and hotel/restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor, under the pen name ‘puchka’.  A published author of four books, the latest titled TRAIL MIX, is a book of short stories for all mindsets.


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