Friday, September 1, 2023



You Take My Breath Away


You have always been able to read my eyes

My words could never express what was in my heart

And the fear of getting hurt was my reason for that

But you could see through me and were patient

When we meet, my heart grows with love for you

I feel a renewed joy and by your smile, I can tell

that you can feel it also, as you look into my eyes

When alone, I feel you with me, watching me

as I spend that time daydreaming of us

I knew I loved you the moment I saw you

When I think of you, you take my breath away

as if mine were the only breath that could sustain you..

Kristy Raines ©


If Ever…


If ever I can not see your loving eyes

Know that I will always remember them.

If ever I can not hear your voice

Know that it is etched in my memory.

If ever I can not feel your heartbeat

Know that when I feel mine, I also feel yours.

If ever I can not have your gentle kiss

Know that I will have it in my dreams.

If ever I can not be by your side

Know that I am only a memory away.

If ever I can not tell you that I love you

Know that I always wanted to.…

Kristy Raines ©



No Excuses Tonight


I see the way you look at me

under the beautiful moonlight above

The sparkle in your eyes tell on you

As they put the stars to shame

But they can't hide your fiery heart

as you hold me so close to you

It takes everything in me to even breathe

A true flower I am, who has weaknesses too

Deep in my core your touch is felt

And no smile can hide what I feel for you tonight.

Kristy Raines ©


Man With The Rose


The Moon heard the screams of his heart and tapped her on the doors of hers. She turned around and there he stood with a rose that was meant for her only and she gladly took it, for he was the one who truly loved her. But she hides it, like she always hides her deep feelings. Her heart is too fragile to be touched and he understands her

Kristy Raines©


Enter My Thoughts


Every word you whisper surrounds my heart like a vine

Your tangled heart beats perfectly with mine... Feel it...

considering the threads of our hearts are perfectly tied together

We have found peace in this beautiful haven we've built,

and my life has changed in such a perfect way with you

Many times, I thought I was in love but it faded and burned

But with you, there are no doubts, and our love keeps blooming

like the beautiful blossoms and sweet scent of the jasmine flower

Can two people be so in love that it can never be destroyed?

Enter my thoughts and my dreams so that I can feel your words

Because in dreams I will find the answers to your silence

And I will then show you the truth of love without ever speaking.

True love never sleeps…

Kristy Raines©




KRISTY ANN RAINES: Born on April 9, 1957, in Oakland California in The United States. She is an internationally known Poet/Writer and Activist, focused on genocides around the world. Kristy is known for her unique and passionate style of writing.  Her first anthology is being released soon written by herself and a prominent poet from India, Dr. Prasana Kumar Dalai, with another to follow by them together, also.  She has other books following, by herself. Two fantasy books, “Rings, Things, and Butterfly Wings”, “Princess and The Lion”, an anthology called, “Walking without you” another called, “Roses and Jasmine” written in Arabic, which is being taught to her by another Poet, Ayman Kondra Daniel from Syria, and “Little Rose Poetry” written in French. and translated herself.



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