Friday, September 1, 2023





I try to walk

all the steps

not taken.

To soak with my skin

all the drops

of crystal dew,

to wash my soul with them,

to inhale the wind vanes

on the roofs,

to hear the unsung songs

of all the nightingales,

to carry in my backpack

myself only,


from all

the straps

and chains,

of all of them,

who are

peeping and trying to draw my directions...

I'm breaking

my soul free

so I could

one day

have a place

for you too...


Changing The Past


If only i knew

I would plant

two drops of crystal,

to see people more clearly today.

If I knew,

I would send two gray sparrows,

in front of your window

to cast out the clouds.

Only if i knew

I would raise

that little blue-eyed fox,

who watched me in the evening

from the bushes.

If I knew,

instead of a letter,

white river pebbles

I would write to you,

to build a room in your soul.

If I only knew

I would even that time,

I would have shown you,

that you are not alone.


Finding Myself


I look back in the abyss of conscious,

I numbered my seven lives as cat.

Each time I fall, I lost part of motions,

I left speechless, breathless and red.

In all those diving and labyrinths

my presence was hiding invisible.

But then I rise up again, charming,

with new truths and principles.

I grew up each time almost dying,

my old body rest in the past.

A new wisdom comes after crying,

a new peace replace all the vast.

And learning the meanings of cycles,

my face got a new look from pain.

Like cat I reborn, a woman alike,

and pure new hard disk in brain.

My life is a spiral of valleys and hills.

I know, I will climb that high mountain,

and reunited I will joyfully feel.

The value I add to my new founding.




DESSY TSVETKOVA: Bulgaria. Dessy has 5 poetry books in Bulgarian and one in English, called "Wind whispers". She compiked an Anthology "River of words" with contemporary and classic Bulgarian authors, translated in English, French or German. Her poems are published in magazines and anthologiesin Belgium, Bulgaria, India, Albania, USA, UK, Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Mexico. Dessy is from Bulgaria, living in Belgium, member of the Flemish Party for Poetry. Dessy won the 1st place for poetry in World Literature Festival in Brashov, Romania, 2022.


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