Friday, September 1, 2023





Me, you


Instinctively united our destiny.

It seemed common under the same starry sky

experiencing the same anxieties

Wandering lovers of the same desire,

 the same passions

thirsting for life,

we carry dreams and hopes

in suffocating airports and stations,

in ports of joy and sorrow

in a state of suspended animation,

of love and hate.

Your shadow follows me in the dark.

In the clearing you get lost and I bathe in the light of day

taming the hostage of unrepentant thought.




To You, Our Lady of life

The distinct

You bridge the hearts of our world

 You deceive the sun not to set

to offer a heavenly embrace

Generously you endure the pain


You dominate

bright horizons

Your tears become earth’s breath

Your hands are solid rocks

You scatter clouds in your passage

Oh, our only, last hope…


With The Pen Of The Soul


I will write to you with the pen of my soul

I will tell you that I love you in a thousand languages

I will delete all the old remnants

I will sing our love song

Who will talk about summers from scratch

For sun rays that you will have in your hair

New loves that will bring new experiences

and they will remind you of childhood carelessness

With the wings of youth, I will fly

in your sky the starry bottom

I'll do anything for you

to resurrect again…




SOFIA SKLEIDA was born in Athens. She studied Filology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where she obtained her BA, MA in Pedagogy, Ph.D. in Comparative Pedagogy and a postdoctoral research certificate. She obtained a certification in the Braille language. Today she works as a teacher in the secondary education. She took part in conferences and published articles in the Greek and international scientific journals, in conference papers and chapters books. She was awarded for her participation in poetry and literary contests in Greece and abroad. Her poems have been translated into Italian, English, Spanish, Albanian, Romanian and Bangla, her first poetic collection entitled Dream of Oasis (Thessaloniki, 2014), was translated and published in Italy in 2017 (won the second prize in an international competition in Milan). Her first Fairy tale entitled Geometrini was published in 2016, her second with the title The Kingdom of Joy in 2018. Some of her published works are the following : Neologisms, Melismos, Ιn the Mediterranean, Poetic Reflections, Cappadocian theological references in handwritten verses, The teaching of classical languages in the Italian secondary education ,Poetic visions in Paintings, Didactic Trilogy: Body-Spirit-Soul, Educational Proposals,  Cor ad Cor Loquitur , A Second Life , Α trip to the country of “the meeting” , Let there be light, Sentidos Spirituales, A rustle of silence ,Lyrical verses of paintings, Eutychis and Evgenis are dreaming.  She is Vice President of the Zakynthian Cultural Institute, Member of the judging committee for new members of the Association of Greek Writers, a regular member at the Panhellenic Union of Writers and at the Association of Greek Writers.


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