Friday, September 1, 2023



True Love


Never I miss thy love

As long as my breath is not going away

The wind does not blow it always

Since it comes from the bottom of my heart

How can I miss it

The sun smiles to gaze it

It never comes to be burnt

From now I use to keep it up

Everywhere I go I keep it up

Till to die I keep it up


Let Me Think It Now


Let me think too much about how I am in the love

While the age is now 65 years

No feeling of desire

To grasp everything, I like


Caused by the old age simultaneously

Never I think too much about the age

This world is in the long run as I think

No hope to live for 1000 years


Since the lives is not eternal

I am in the love to keep up

And my heart is still in yours

Which can be inseparable from time to time

That the fact be kept in mind


Let me think how I am in the love

Never I betray in the lives

It looks like daffodils

It enlightens like the moonlight in the night


How Can Thy Love Goes Away


How can thy love goes away

Without saying how much I pay attention to the rose

That makes my heart not to fly from the tree

The tree is the witnesses of all


Never I think it before

As long the earth does not say

As long the moon gives its lighting

It enlightens all what it likes


Not to let thy love be burnt

Think it before the twilight comes down

And you then see how its face

From now and then be estimated


Make me sure how precious love I have

Which never fades away from thy heart till to die

Let the sea dry, my dear

Let the earth be broken into pieces


And there and here I am to wait

Before the holy soul travels and goes up to the sky

Before my body is put into the silent land


No Missing Love


My love is not like what you said

It never fades away till to die

How can I miss

Without saying good bye


I have sent the wind to gaze

That makes everything flow at thy heart

And no one wishes to resist

That really comes up with the wind


To blow it from the east to the west

It has been sparkling everywhere

And no anger be found out

All are in my side to greet

I am in the love once I say




SIAMIR MARULAFAU: (Indonesia) He is a bilingual poet, writer and author who writes in English and Indonesian language. He has published 9 books. He is an active member of various poetry groups on Facebook and participates in many poetry contests. His writings are part of several national and international magazines, newspapers, journals and anthologies. He has won many awards for his poetry. Currently, he works as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Vocational, University of Sumatra Utara, Medan-Indonesia.


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