Friday, September 1, 2023





 The time that has passed

 writes a drop of

 the history to the present.

 Her binoculars

 it is directed at the eternal questions

 for the future...


 It's like it's resonating

 the silence of the walls through

 the labyrinth of the soul.


 Let her talk...


 Because courage sometimes is only

 the small voice that whispers:

 the day that brings us,

 fate cannot!


Me And The Song


 As the air passes

 through the particles of night,

 while the word makes its secrecy

 and while the tear

 shows its brilliance,

 two souls tremble

 in his utter ecstasy...

 Mine and on the song.


Two Minutes


 Infinity in the eyes

 it can easily be replaced

 with endless conversations

 for useless things.

 The speed with which the images change,

 rejects the possibility of

 a return to the roots.

 People forget

 the fine dust on their shoes,

 filling it in at the same time

 every dark opening.


 The torn feelings

 are awakening the thought

 hardened as a scar

 upon the world that

 spun his tale

 every two minutes.





LIDIA RAZMOSKA TRIMOVSKA was born in 1982 in Ohrid, Macedonia.  She started her journey in the world of literature in her high school days.  Writes poetry, short stories, essays and book reviews.  Her poetry has been published in various magazines.  She has won awards at literary competitions.  She was a member of the literary clubs from Ohrid and Skopje, and was actively involved in radio guidance and literary presentations.  She is the author of the collection of poems "Lake Sigh". She is an editor and presenter on the blog "Firefly" (Светулка) on Facebook, where in addition to her works, she publishes works by other authors. She lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia.



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