Friday, September 1, 2023



The World


"The world doesn’t turn

Around us",

He said.


And the star of love heard him

Then it folded its light

Shut its heart

And left the galaxy



After all,

What is a tiny star of love

In a universe

Of big stars?



One Word


Leave me

 One word of love

 for the next morning

Out of all the words

 you have whispered

 The night




September Is Coming


September is coming

To close the summer

Do not rush to open the door

Maybe we still have time

To celebrate

Over a bottle of wine


To steal a warm night

At some beach

Maybe we'll see the moon

Swimming in the sea

We will steal its clothes

And run away

Maybe we will forget

what we have become

And touch

as before

Without any fear

That love

Will hurt.




SHULAMIT SAPIR-NEVO, Israel. Is a writer, a poet and the CEO of OURBOOX She has published several books of poetry, in Hebrew, English, Arabic, Greek, and one novel. Many of her original poems in Hebrew and other poems that were translated into English, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic were published in international newspapers and websites. She has received several awards for her achievements in poetry She is a member of the “Israeli Writers Society"

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