Friday, September 1, 2023



The Sea..!


The sea, a vast expanse of blue,

A beauty that's forever true.

Its waves crash upon the shore,

A sound that we can't ignore.


The salty air fills our lungs,

As seagulls sing their joyful songs.

The sun sets over the horizon,

A sight that's truly mesmerizing.


The sea is a place of peace,

Where worries and troubles cease.

Its waves dance in perfect harmony,

A symphony for all to see.


From the smallest pebble to the largest whale,

The sea is home of creatures

Its depths hold secrets yet untold,

Mysteries waiting to unfold.


The sea is a force to be reckoned with,

Its power and might we can't dismiss.

But even in its fiercest storm,

It still holds a certain charm.


So let us stand upon its shore,

And marvel at its endless roar.

For the sea is a wonder to behold,

A beauty that will never grow old.


Love And Longing!!


Love and longing, a bittersweet pair

A heart full of love, yet filled with despair

A yearning for someone who's far away

A longing to hold them, every night and day


The memories of love, they never fade

The moments shared, like a sweet serenade

The laughter and tears, the joy and pain

All etched in our hearts, like an eternal chain


The distance between us, it seems so vast

But our love is strong, it will always last

We dream of the day when we'll be together

And our love will bloom like a beautiful flower


The nights are long, the days are cold

But our love is warm, it never grows old

We hold on tight to each other's hearts

And never let go, even when we're apart


Love and longing, they go hand in hand

Like two sides of a coin in a foreign land

We wait for the day when we'll be one again

And our love will shine bright like the sun


Until then we'll cherish every moment we share

And keep our love alive with every breath we take

For nothing can break the bond that we share

Our love and longing will forever remain.


Poetry Is The Language Of The Soul


Poetry is the language of the soul,

A way to express what words can't hold.

It's a form of art that touches hearts,

And ignites emotions in every part.


Poets are the ones who weave magic,

With words that are both beautiful and transparent

They paint pictures with their pen,

And take us on journeys again and again.


They see beauty in the mundane,

And turn pain into something humane.

They capture moments that slip away,

And make them immortal in every way.


Poetry is a reflection of life,

A mirror that shows us our strife.

It's a reminder of our humanity,

And a celebration of our diversity.


Poets are the ones who speak truth,

In a world where lies have become proof.

They challenge norms and break barriers,

And inspire us to be better warriors.


Their words are like a soothing balm,

That heal wounds and bring calm.

They remind us of our worth and power,

And their words are sublime and purposeful message


So let's celebrate poetry and poets today,

For they have so much to say.

Let's listen to their voices with an open heart,

And let their words guide us from the start.




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: She is a Lebanese poetess, writer, and translator living in Brazil. She holds a Law degree and is advisor to the International Union of Arab Intellectuals, in the Media Authority for Translation Affairs and advisor to the countries Al-Sham literary platform for literary translation’s is ambassador of the team “International Cultural Salon Association “and ambassador of Brazil in the American P.L.O.T.S. Magazine and ambassador of Lebanon in the Association of the World Union of Writers and Artists UMEA Portugal. Member of prestigious platform Of WWWU World Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhstan. Editor of Al-Arabe Today, Rainbow, Literária Agharid, Al-Nil Walfurat, Literária and Allaylak Magazine. Fluent in Arabic (native language), French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish She won the Nizar Sartawi International Translator Award for Creativity 2021 in the field of translation and literature.She won the 2nd Annual Zhengxin International Poet Award 2022 and 2023.She hon received the World Prize Prestigious "RAHIM KARIM WORLD PRIZE". Her poems have been published in numerous international anthologies،various Literary magazines, journals and websites. Her poems have been translated into more than 40 languages. Author of 15 books

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