Friday, September 1, 2023





I want the light to shine on the horizon in the morning.

I want it to shine on the horizon in the morning.

I want the wind to be soft and gentle.

I want the crowns to rustle and sing to goodness.


I want cleanliness in the backwoods.

In the remote areas in silence.

Those clean rivers and estuary

More springs from the bottom.


 I want cleanliness in the alleys

And in the streets among the crowd

I want less evil in the back alleys

And poison in the alleys of the country


 I want cleanliness in our souls

I want true light to shine

 Without deceit and sincerity flowing

Illuminating the good sunrise


Purity of conversation and meaning

Without substituting the days of existence

That the word is loved and pure

To speak the truth at all times


I want a pure relationship

Kind and gentle words

I want more pure moments

Without the greedy and mean chains


I want to hear pure music

The sound of poetic truth

And to people who are kindred

Each as a friend to the other.


I'll fill a moment with purity

And I'll make a wish again

I wish that in the early morning

In the morning, the light will give us a glimpse





Beneath the blue of the sea,

The bloody thread leaving a trail,

"The dolphin, harpooned, floundered in the net.

The dolphin, with his eyes radiating light.


He was torn, tearing deep beyond the cliffs.

He did not want to lose his freedom.

Screaming, roaring, squeaking and crying...

Born to help people,


And on top of the barge a bunch,

The bait of his creepy bait,

"The fiends throw their bait, and they laugh loudly.

The demons laugh in the morning.


The dolphin's cries and shrieks are heard:

-Save me, mother of God,

I can still cut the waves,

I want to save people again...


Something glistened quickly with a glare,

And the net was lifted up with a ladder.

The dolphin saw before him

The people's hatred and laughter.


-"My heart is broken, my body is wounded.

And my life is on the line...

I love you he shouted to the people

Lying on the deck in the sand





This is life - thoughts-scratches,

Each tier is a new twist...

Fate creeps in, unkempt,

Shading life's sprout.


Ungroomed, old, ragged;

In the twilight of mundane days.

Pulls a tattered leaf to the sky.

In the labyrinth of these chains.


Scratches heal slowly,

Time only leaves a scar.

From the sprout grows a tree,

Dividing fate in two...




MAXIM MARTYNOV. Podolsk. Member of the RTSRK. Member of the Russian Union of Writers. Poet, writer. There are about 20 publications in Russian Literary Center. At the end of 2019, he publishes his first book "50 Shades of Modern Prose", which becomes a finalist for the "For the Good of the World -2020" award, after this book another book "Watercolor" is published, a collection of essays, followed by the book "Cheerful. Sensible. Pure talk" the writer is its author and compiler. His works are published in many joint collections, he becomes a nominee for the Sergei Yesenin Literary Prize "My Russia" in 2019. He is a nominee for the literary competition "St. George's Ribbon" for 2019 - 2020. The Presidium of the Russian Union of Writers decided to award the medal "Anna Akhmatova 130 years" for his contribution to the development of Russian literature in 2020, the medal "Sergei Yesenin 125 years" for his contribution to the development of Russian literature in 2021, the medal "St. George Ribbon 250 years" for his contribution to the development of Russian culture and literature in 2021. The poet holds his solo author's meetings, reads his poems and at poetry evenings in Moscow. In 2021, he was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his fruitful work and personal contribution to the practical implementation of book publishing projects in 2021 aimed at popularizing modern Russian literature among citizens of the Russian Federation this year. Gratitude was also expressed for active participation in the cultural life of the capital of the Russian Federation, in the summer of 2021, by participating in creative and socially significant projects of the city of Moscow. The International Guild of Writers Abroad awarded Maxim Viktorovich with a diploma for the formation of an idea of modern national literature in Russia, which glorified the honor and dignity of Russian culture in European countries in 2021. In 2022, he was awarded a diploma for participation in the literary life of Moscow and the creation of culturally significant works, as well as a diploma for strengthening the "soft power" of the Russian language in Europe by participating in the export literary magazine "Modern Notes".

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