Monday, May 1, 2017



The one who loves,
All deeply;
Begins perceiving,
All are part of him;
All are made of,
Same flesh and bone;
Watching them content,
He flows deep into bliss;
Penetrating into their hearts,
His soul enchants,
Becomes the lover of all;
© Sadashivan Nair

Hi soil, thou soil;
Thou a worth
of worship, soil;
We come from soil,
Go back to soil;
From Five elements,
Thou create,
Our shell of flesh and bone;
We eat, wear,
All come from soil;
Hi soil, thou soil;
Thou a worth
of worship, soil;
Forgive us for folly acts,
Disdain soil under feet;
Clean up stained by soil;
Keep distance from thou;
Yet thy graceful touch,
Feed us, give us shelter,
cloth to wear;
Hi soil, thou soil;
Thou a worth
of worship, soil;
© sadashivan nair

Why I shudder
when with a dame;
She expects,
I complement her,
Say 'I love you';
But sweat seeps
Over my forehead,
Body shivers;
Try hard to say,
But I miss again;
Why is saying
"I love you" so scary;
Am I misunderstood,
Scared of hearing "NO";
She expects,
I sit close touching her,
And say some romantic words;
But here also I fail,
My boring topics,
Fail to arouse her soul;
For me rose is rose,
Jasmine a floret,
Both do their roles;
Still she so keen on me,
Follows until finds
Imperious space in my heart;
She knows, how deep,
She resides in my heart;
A song she sings,
"You drown deep in sea,
Swim in depth,
Yet can't swim in outer tides;
You bring me deep
Within you and embrace;
You are so deep introvert,
My love is safe in you,
You won't let it fail;
You people are so difficult,
Don't know to say 'I love you';
But within deep inside you,
Brick by brick,
You lay foundation
Of my home";
© Sadashivan nair

Happiest moment,
Of life;
Watching my wobble gait;
My first trial to stand
On legs;
Overjoyed by parents,
My face bloomed in joy;
Mouth opened in smile,
Displaying two teeth
Of bottom jaw;
Never knew in life,
Journey of unlimited amplitude,
Begins from
First step of walk;
© Sadashivan Nair

Sun never sets,
Moon nor rises at night;
It's the wonder planet earth,
In exhilaration vacillates,
Roves around the universe;
Hides day heating sun,
Show's way to
Skittish girlish moon;
She appears in dark;
Stage by stage,
When she shows up,
In full face from her veil;
In cool embellishing touch,
Earth ecstatically glows;
No day, no night,
No light, no shade,
If we don’t have earth;
Don't desolate entity of globe,
We need sun and moon,
Need day and night both;
Need earth to survive for us;
© Sadashivan Nair

Graveyard says in its quote,
You finally reached a place,
Where you belong;
No one accompanies,
Your journey is lone;
No one wants,
None stays along,
Beyond this point;
All will leave,
Even kids and kin;
Kin you thought your own,
Were closest and loveliest once;
Won't waste a time,
Will show no compassion,
Bury you in flame or in ground;
Burial says in its quote...
You were alone when you came;
You will be alone when you go;
© Sadashivan Nair

You aren't,
What you look;
You aren't,
The body you have;
You are what,
Others take you,
When you show up,
Yourself to them;
You are the persona,
Show up when you behave;
Others accept, reject,
'Yes' to your
Serenity and love;
'No' to impiety and severity;
They verify you,
"Who you are";

SADASHIVAN NAIR: A recipient of gold medal from Realistic poetry on child labor poetry. Began his writing twenty years back on social issues like child labor and society, Poverty a subject, destitute condition of Eunuchs in India, and absence of social security in informal sectors. They were forwarded to appropriate Government for necessary actions. He wrote 2 novels on negative positive factors and we and the dry leaves and 3 poetry books.

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