Thursday, June 1, 2017




The air traffic has become the sky's pulse.
Should I be jealous of the passengers travelling far?
I am without a suitcase, barefooted but calm.
My aircraft flies through your blue eyes' sky.
It covers distances as fast as invisible seconds through time's miles.
Ask me, my darling, if I have arrived.
I bow my head before the statue of Victoria Queen to open my heart.
Your Majesty, another century brought me to your land from afar.
My darling's blue eyes hold a cloudless sky.
I was in the sky where no aircrafts flew faster than mine.
I whisper to her putting my burst heart on her tender palm.
Your Majesty, let me stay here, in this harbour's light.
My darling, ask me if I have arrived.


How seductive the perfume of flowers is!
The smell of my tobacco never chases it.
The beauty of flowers intoxicates me.
The smoke of my tobacco is a grey wisp.
Where does it go leaving my lips?
It hears my stories when I don't speak.
Does it take my words to lose them in mist?
Hello flowers! You pat my spring dreams.
Tobacco! You burn both yourself and me.
What can I discover, the world's philosophy?
Many brains can be driven mad by it.
I still dig my brain with a phantom stick.


Birds! The sky is an open eye watching your and my roads.
Birds! Are you white sails left the oceans?
You were probably words, sweet or bitter, in the sky's azure gloves.
You were words turned to snow-white wings of flying flocks.
I won't cry for you as I have your voices in my talks.
Time is a sailor whose boat rushes and never stops.
Birds! I won't cry for you as I have your roads and my words.
Birds! Will I be one of you somewhere blue and soft?


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