Thursday, June 1, 2017




aye, My Lady
thy beauty is thrust upon me
like the stars in yonder sky
and moons in other planets
that giveth light unto the earth

oh, My Lady
Queen of nations afar
I refuseth to believe
the things that I hear
for in my eyes
thou doest no wrong

aye, My Lady
my heart is discouraged
knowing I canst not
bow to thy every need
from here to eternity

oh, My Lady
lass of my soul
and the sweetness
that holds my heart
thy beauty I behold
for all of ever after
you are the only thing
that causeth my heart to bleed


seven guards walked the mile
twenty prisoners lined the cells
hollering and screeching filled the air
along with screams and wails

the halls were long as the days
but the nightmares had just begun
Eastern State was full of beasts
and they'd each put you on the run

six guards walked the mile
twenty prisoners grinned with ease
sneaky, conniving, evil hearts
played a game; loved to tease

the floors were more quiet now
as the convicts formed a plan
corridors were paced more softly
as they've taken out another man

five guards walked the mile
twenty prisoners formed a sneer
hatred deep within their hearts
soon they'd be out of here

the walls concealed their secrets
no one now spoke a word
the sentry was fading out
not a single voice had been heard

four guards walked the mile
for the world shall soon see
that the men meant what they said
now the guards were only three

three guards walked the mile
their memories soon just dust
one by one they took them out
with greatest of ease; no fuss

soon one guard walked the mile
with eyes in back of his head
he'd fight with pride or die with honor
or suggest truce, so they said

alas, no guard walked the mile
twenty prisoners each to his cell
their bodies decomposed
their souls rotted in hell

skulls and bones lie about
some sixty odd years down the way
but you can hear the prisoners
even until this very day

they begged for food and water
yet no one to hear their hungry cries
twenty prisoners stuck in a world
of hatred, death and lies


to hold him
is to love him
but his love
for you and I
is much stronger
for as he grew
so did his faith
he became strong
in love and compassion
his voice
we hear in our hearts
his prayers
are for you and me
who could ask
for anything more
thank you, Jesus
Dear Babe in the blanket



  1. ThIS is the best poetry I ever I LOVE IT..

    1. Thank you, Deborah! That means a lot! I think the above 3 are some of my personal favorites. I'm honored. :)