Thursday, June 1, 2017


Deborah Brooks Langford


Dedicated to my dear friends .. love you..

I know you don't see,
but it's ok it's only me
my heart cries a thousand timesbut my laughter out weighs a thousand more~

If I could turn back time I would
so you would hold my hand
A FRIEND you are
I hope a friend you will always be
but please tell me you love me~

I am standing way up high
looking at the world you see
I know I can see you way over there
and one day we will have some fun
with every day that passes by
the thought of you makes me sigh~

My best friend I hold you dear
please never never go away~

I pray and hope all the best
I pray for you with all my heart
life just isn't the same when I don't see you
I just can't believe what our lives have been through~

So just know this is me
I can't be another you see~

Debbie Brooks...


Their eyes met, hands touched and they knew the love was still there.
The loss was determined on the lines that were finished, as the matches of their love ignited the flame.
How wonderful it is to be held but so brief, but still wanting more. The course of their lives ran like a daydream, which they both held dear.
“Always on their minds, the look the love, with every passing moment, the pain is still there.” He once said.
Every time they look away they die a thousand deaths.
Tangled in motions out of their reach
With the opening of their eyes
And each unique and holy dance
That lingers on their skin~

Bronzed with secrets of the midnight sun
Sharing their ghostly dreams
Of what might have been
Huddling in moon shadows
Kissing the tears away~

Enjoying the great beauty
The rainbow
Way over their heads.
For amid all the great, that was their life so short
They fight off wrong decisions with deep breaths~

Woefully they caressed the thread bare lives.
Their mournful cries were fatally removed.
Light bathed and filled with dust
As the trembling hands reached for the door~

Rivers ringing in their brains
Long silk scarf laid crumbled ON THE FLOOR
That fell from her shoulder that fateful night~

Plans made that never knew
The light of day,
They were falling from the memories.
She yearns he yearns~

O’ confirm the unravel charted light
And the breeze that stirred the hair he put back in place
The way the roses fell
Across their hearts
Eyelids close so gently
With longing of the sun that plays on their faces
As the EYES TELL THE MOMENTS that are in
TRUTH this day~


Sitting on my veranda this morning, my heart in my hands
sipping my coffee, dreaming of things to come
are you really you, I ask again and again
something is not right even though the sun is shining
i look to find paradise one just one last time
if the wind is right I could feel the joy
I find tranquility of a vision, i wait to see if you are there
i want the innocence back again~

Oh, how I long for what I can't have, to where I always dream it to be
as the wind would carry me, where I dream free~

I dream of us in a timeless paradise, no alienation or loneliness
only comfort and praise is found in milk and honey called heaven
heart-to-heart of spell, never to end, calmness and desire I caress
with want in my heart and eyes, the gift of you is given in dream~

I curl up in bed till morrow, a pillow i hold tight with my eyes shut tight
I long for a touch either a hand or a breathe of you,
it's emptiness I feel instead
awaking the sickness of insanity, this thing i labeled friendship
one night in Your dream, could I come and visit,
this would be my eternity never would I fear~

The night is coming, the sun has faded... would you come and dream?
for tonight let me show you where I could have been, the past and the present hides my tears again! My future soaks up any sentiment and reflections to my world I do show, looking up to paradise and find the tranquility of what we could have been~

@ March 17th 2016
DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD Lives in Tennessee USA Author of forty seven books On Lulu and AMAZON AND Kindle Fire Barnes and Noble