Thursday, June 1, 2017




dance with me to the beat of love
where a memory hangs over a cloud
and whispers secrets to the night
calling to the moon to look at us
naked bodies on the sand
romancing a lurid waltz
turning all silence into passionate cry
tongues sealing our salt
twirls of flesh tied in one
ancient desires blushing anew
on the warm carpet of tiny crystal roses
bathed by tropical waves
lucid dreams romancing the mind
where only you can conceive
the power of your gravity
taking over all my fire
until finally subdued
into pulsing
Luz María Lopez


balm my lips
with the essence of your words
tie me to the wind
where your eyes rest in quiet
search of the unknown
rock me while i sleep
and draw over my skin
a symphony of palpitations
lash me out of own self
only to converge in the wild paths
that carries you away from my roots
sing that song of love
that flies free in the dawn hours
let me dream that one day
you will stay until the waves
return to pronounce
that time is just a mirage
where each heartbeat repeats
deep in the chest
that holds you
as infidel prayer.
Luz María López


Half-shell conjurer
tracing with her steps
the name of his eyes
recalling their universe
aquarelle on silent smile
holographic soul
probing beyond galaxies
to converge on his lips
as passionate prose!
half-shell spirit
half-shell cult
full moon bliss
when the pearl
is kissed by
his lust.


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ is a poet, narrator, editor and translator from Puerto Rico, Caribbean Island. She has published poetry books in Spanish and English and edited four international poetry anthologies. Has translated more than 60 poets from different countries. Her own poems have also been translated to many other languages and published in renowned literary magazines and books. She received the Kathak Literary Award, Dhaka Poetry Summit, Bangladesh 2017; Shaan -E- Adab (Glory of Literature) Award, Kafla Intercontinental Literature Congress, India 2016; Universal Inspirational Poet Award, Pentasi B Ghana 2016. She is Director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights (WM). Luz participates in many poetry festivals all over the world.

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