Thursday, June 1, 2017




Peace and serenity are the fairies I pray
to weave my son's tomorrow
peace first of all in the eyes of every man
in interpersonal relationships
in the coexistence on Earth among the natural kingdoms.
May the deer drink from the source without drain it.
May the ant survive the winter
May the butterfly change her day in an eternal dance without any border.
Peace and serenity in the roundtables of our governor
as it was that of the founding fathers
when the good of the country was the primary interest.
Peace and serenity in equo-solidal associations
in the blue-economy and in the hospitals
where the hours turn the lancets into beams.
Peace I ask and serenity I hope
for those who make of mankind their own creed
for those who occupy a limbo not required.
for whom who speak about it
without practise it.

(Poem dedicated to a child with autism)

Where did your gaze stop David?
You fell on a detail in order not to see the whole.
It is not easy to decipher the compass of the senses
in the chaos of social stimuli.
And how will I support the reward
of that troublesome biology ?
To observe the failure in the connection
among your sensory abilities
it is an enormous effort for us, the"so-called normal ones".
To compensate with gestures to a shared attention,
to take you to clarify a request,
these are compelling purposes in my head.
David is your name,
you're not for me a diagnoses
or a variant or a flaw of genetic architecture,
a disregarded expectation,
an early or late intervention,
an impaired brain plasticity,
a spectrum disorder.
David is your name
the child who loves the detail. . .
I'll wear your look,
I 'll listen to your confused stereotypy
I'll go down to cross the object that attracts you
so as to shorten the distance
that keeps you confined in a room.


Free as a cloud
in the March  sky,
conscious of the
smallness of the swallow,
I alleged to drive her
toward the light
and I don’t give up
to the evidence
that wants  her Thieving Magpie
always in cahoots
to grab shiny medals.
I don’t bend to the logic
of debit and credit
I freely follow the winds
and I move  into the skies of righteousness
without obscuring the sun
with unhealthy ballast of disloyalty.


CLAUDIA PICCINNO was born in Lecce in 1970, but she moved very young in the north of Italy where she currently lives and where she teaches in a primary school. Operating in more than seventy anthologies, she’s a former member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes. She has published “La sfinge e il pierrot”, Aletti Editore, 2011 “Potando l’euforbia” in Transiti Diversi, Rupe Mutevole Edizioni, 2012 “Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove”, La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, 2013 With english version also “Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove” La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni maggio 2014 - in serbian “Tabahnha” ed.Majdah luglio 2014. “Ragnatele Cremisi”- La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, settembre 2015. Tavan Baska Yerlerdeki Kisa Filmier,Artshop, Istanbul 2016. Italian poet, she is author foreground with effect in June 2015 in the World Group Pentasi B, and In Oup archives international since May 2016, she works to promote poetry based on respect and appreciation of differences. Scholastic referent land for education at reading. She has received awards in major national and international competitions of poetry, including an honorable mention in the Paris 1st Word Literary Prize and a 3rd prize in Lugano, Switzerland, 3rd prize in Albania; She has been the first italian poetess to be awarded with The Stelae of Rosetta, World Literary Prize in Istanbul on November 2016. She will be conferred with the most prestigious award “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, on April 2017 .  Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). Last June 2016, she was art director in an art & poetry international exhibition called June in Italy. She is italian editor for the international literary magazine Rosetta World Literatura in Turkey  and for  Atunis Magazine in Albania.

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