Thursday, June 1, 2017




Sparkling waters
Under the stars` shine
Every night
I rise in love
Projected in those mirrors
Projected by havens...
I meet you every time
In my flight
We rise and rise all over again
And conquer the galaxies
As well as the fields,
For our love has covered
The infinite...
Like a warm blanket
Under which a sweet child
Is kept tucked...
The way
I travel the roads everyday
Reminds me
Of everything...
Flashbacks from the mighty journey
We`ve perpetually been having
Since God crafted the Earth.
How wonderful we travel together...



our inks met
in the middle of our heart beats
they were too strong
to stay aside
so they encountered
in blank pages
under flaming letters



he has found that precious Key
that opens her womanly heart
in fact...He is that very One...
and when recognizing him
at the very first sight,
she opened her palms
to offer him the secrets
behind the doors of the shrine...



you are my very private dance
the one that vibes inside my chest
the movement of my inner gods...
we dance between the trees of life
we dance under the adoration
of a love supreme: the sun and the moon
are witnesses of our love
of our story of charms...
so beautiful and wild
the way you lead me
in my ballerina steps
the strength of your holding me tight
to your heart I keep the flight
of my heart...that collides between the waves
of my white dress....
you are my dancer on a stage of angels
you are the embroidery
of a one million splendors
of one million white roses
can you feel the dance touch
between the waves of our oceans?...



her heart is like a wild orchard
filled with red blooming roses
the leaves are caressed
by the soft branches of the wind
while the sky cries in blesses
of a cosmic love...
the way her heart beats
can never equal
any mortal breaths
of our worlds...
for this love for him
is a magical secret path
hidden behind the curtains
of a universal fairy....
the way love goes
the way it hides like a child
between the reddish sunsets
under the flowers and leaves...
the way it feeds with the desire
of a remarkable woman
a heart explodes
at the sight of these words...
at the view of his figure...
at the sunshine of his smile...
at the impetuous rhythm of his vibe
the way this love goes
in secretive magic flow
that expands
as birds at the sound
of spring...


(pen name LiterAnART)

ANA (PEN NAME LITERANART) is Romania Poetess. She has been writing for ten years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, book editor and translator. She also teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. Together with the association, she is about to publish this year the “Creative writing 10”- a series of workshops dedicated to literary and journalistic creation and implemented in her country of origin in 2016. You can find Ana @

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