Thursday, February 1, 2018




she couldn't look at him
he hurt her
not once
not twice
it was a cycle
of aches and pains
rotating in her mind

slowly, so slowly
her heart turned to ice
she tried to forget
she wanted peace
but agony replaced
the one part of her
that ever was alive

turning the other way
she desired to run
see where life would lead
but she couldn't move
she carried a part of him
that she couldn't turn loose

that night she wept sorely
pillow soaked with tears
she wanted the pain
to go away
she wanted to live again
she desired to rid
of the anger built inside
but it didn't happen
not overnight
maybe it never would

as she looked into
the morning mirror
she felt the raging storm
the battle of good vs. evil
fury against pain
she saw a stranger
a woman she didn't know

one day....
maybe one day...
the two of them
would get to know
each other once again
and if and when
that day comes
she finally would find peace


he came to the door
at just the right time
a tall, handsome man
in search of work
and a place to lay his head

she noticed his eyes
bluer than the skies
the perfect smile
heart enduring
she felt it right away

sometimes we are blessed
with a stranger
that crosses our paths
one sent to us
rather a gift from God
a moment of fate
whatever you decide
to call it by name

but no matter the case
we tend to fall in love
a stranger in the night
the handyman
or perhaps the milkman
love is splendid
a gift we hold,  cherish

this was one of those times
in a woman's life
she never forgets
a stranger that captures
her heart and soul
and to think...
it all began
with a hello


let us join together
hold hands in prayer
may we break bread in peace
and in ever loving care

let us join together
from greatest to the least
may our hearts be merry
may happiness ne'er cease

all together now
let our souls fly free
let us join together
many blessings shall we see



  1. WOW my sweet talented Poetess.. I love you and your poetry.

  2. Thank you, Deborah! I love you too! God bless! ��