Thursday, February 1, 2018




You, my goodness tree
your branches of happiness, shelter of life
I visit you every day with a new heart
in the desert. Which desert, there is no desert.
Is there no desert? Desert has many names
faces, eyes, hard soil, silent appearances, policies
governments, self-interests, war atrocities, full stop.
How often the human mind reveals truth to humankind?
I sit by your heart, my desert tree of truth. How much
do I love you?  We eat some sand, sing desert songs
drink our last drops of water, we unfold togetherness
discover endless lessons of life inside our cells
awake before dawn in a dazzling light on blue-pink horizon
we remind each other valuable words like forgotten
flowers: compassion, forgiveness, mind full of light
 till one by one your roots I transplant
in my heart

Recently your tears turned into paper
to write verses soothing our heart
humankind’s heart.
In winter days, on our togetherness branches
I see stars, illuminating humankind’s heart
then I look at closed routes, roads, hearts
in Europe and what do I see?
Millions of refugees searching
for a tree of goodness, maybe people
governments, you, God
© Roula Pollard


Then, I permit its entrance into my lungs
when the wind blows upside down
at least it blows well
fresh wind with camellia petals, seaweeds
and distant, or present memories mixing
sand, feelings, fantasies with the sea.
Sea froth flies like time, time flows
like huge smiles, small smiles
smiles, smile to themselves.
Let’s evaluate everything
even if all sounds strange
if blown by the wind
blown away wars.
Nuclear weapons, nuclear power stations
all banknotes, the world banks gone
small and medium bank branches
closing down, different currencies
disappear. Gold, precious metals, diamonds
mined from the deep oceans of greed, rare
like pink rain
reduce life to its absence due to unequal opportunities.
The world is complex, life should be simpler
simpler than a computer, an iPhone,
the stock exchange, an adored CV.
The world, its trillion breaths
are valued, valued again
back to the basics
for survival
© Roula Pollard


To drown where? Can the sea drown herself
into herself, does she have sorrow, wounds, pains
intensive raw passions? Has her lover deserted her?
I am with her, she is always in my heart
her arteries
I hear her voice, she hears mine, when every morning
when, she enters into the bedroom like a man
when bereft of a lover, she sits next to me.
Do I hear her clearly? Still sleeping
I hear clearly her heart.
The bedroom keeps its secrets when
the sea weeps. She kneels, then
wipes her tears, her lost voice
she finds, her body, her will.

Who remembers the previous night?
All is like a dream of unbelievable reality
is reality vague in a dream?
All may be reality.
All may be a dream.

 The ice
on the poles melts, do our brains sleep?


ROULA POLLARD, Greek poet, writer, playwright, translator, literary promoter, broadcaster and environmentalist has had published three Poetry collections in Greek, and “Century of Love” in English, translated into Telugu by the Indian poet, writer and translator Dr Lanka Siva Rama Prasad. She has promoted 150 poets, writers and artists and is included in more than twenty five International Poetry anthologies. Roula studied History and Archaeology at Athens University and obtained an M.A. in Classics, at Leeds University, lived in England for 25 years and participated in international festivals. She runs the group  “Sharing Friends of the Arts Hollywood International” founded by the Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio (ret),  is in the Board of Directors of  Atunis-Galaktika international Poetry Magazine, and has received international Poetry awards. She wonders what the value of Poetry awards is and believes that ”Writing Poems or awareness is better than any award.” She also believes “Peace is achievable, if we all try.”  

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  1. Each poem a masterpiece from a masterclass poet - Roula Pollard!!! The beautiful point here is that all the three poems converge seamlessly into the poet's larger concerns for humanity as a whole! Lovely poems dear and respected friend and sis Roula Pollard! Kudos and respects! So proud to be your sis and friend!!!