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His childhood ship had paper sails
with chopstick masts and toothpick rails
kite string rigging and popsicle oars
on cedar shingle drifted pond shores

He dreamt adventures and drank in their tales
lives of the sailors of a squalls betrayals
of a ships captain and galleon seamen
of the cabin boys and the prisoned freemen

Loved tales of Mermaids and of the monsoons
stories of Mariners and those of harpoons
of tidal Pool creatures in black shore lagoons
and of mighty whales beneath the Typhoons

He ate the tales like a noontime meal
of the courageous and their hearts of steel
the drawing up nets with the greatest catch
of living a life none other could match

Visit the Mangroves where crustaceans hide
fingerling catfish and mudskippers slide
of all the stories which regaled the oceans
of the things he dreamt and childhood notions

of shipping cargo’s by seas and by lands
of a nations trades and feeding demands
of dynasties built and the monies made
of conquering worlds his planning was laid

Of the ports and docks were the galleons lashed
of the levies he paid and the checks were cashed
The dreams of the boys who grow into men
of life’s realities that bring men to sin

He would fight pirates and the seas buccaneers
kill with a sword blade and wrangle his fears
He molded his life like castles in sand
not knowing how much of his heart they demand

Of the ruthless men who govern the seas
who held not to laws but did as they please
broken was childhood the nobility of dreams
His character was lost in material things
C Michael Miller


Engaged we be by the roar of the Sea
the surf it’s waves sings it’s rhapsody

The sea she waves be tempest crossed
the boys who sail ‘er knows ‘er cost
victims she’s consumed overboard were tossed
her temperament engulfs the souls be lost

“er winds have billowed in yer sails
and cargoes lashed upon yer rails
the oceans swells where shipping flails
to bolster courage mates swell their ales

A place for men to conquer fear
as daily danger draws it near
there be no calm without skies so clear
them men count lives as precious dear

“er heart she be at never rest
with her bounties has mankind blessed
you stay be fleeting you are only guest
she’ll swallow you and your life ingest

“er character be ever changed
no day with ‘er be err the same
her waters called by many name
there be days of calm but never tame

And man be found like angry sea
with little peace but on ‘es knee
for her crests are tumultuous eternally
and laps the shores displays whats she

You scallywags have heard ‘er tales
those ‘er’s taken that woman bewails
the times ‘er tests and men she fails
who sought adventures in ships with sails
COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLc


I passed the grave     wherein you lay
a thousand died      upon that day
the famine came        the green fields went
ten thousands from       the land were rent

We fled in scores    to other lands
gave up our homes        to needs demands
and yet for us    our hearts there stay
though from her shores    we're far away

We crossed the seas      to sylvan stands
within the brigs                we lent our hands
until our feet    this distant shore
where we arrived     and home no more

Oh green the glens      the heather's home
upon your hills        my memories roam
where there the winds        the grasses tease
and drifting mists     upon the breeze

Where nests the shags    upon the crags
the poor lay still      on beds of rags
where mortal man     has met his match
and nature takes           her deadly catch

Where e'en man     returns to dust
becomes that part     of earths own crust
now rest you men     neath the Isle's floor
no more roaming       it's sandy shore

Mingled the tears     and spent the wines
recorded it's thoughts      of better times
now vanished years      and former days
here hearts do rest      and memory fades

COPYRIGHT © June 2015

C. MICHAEL MILLER: Poetry of Providence. Voracious reader , love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and intro- duction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy , art , science ,history , and the great teachers whos words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time ,complicated , tempermental , simple , thoughtful , inquisitive , love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe . Reseach on anything I want to learn ,exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills , writing and screaming on paper. People watching , inciting others to think,

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