Thursday, February 1, 2018




as the colors of
lucid dreams
swaying away emotions
a slow-tempo ballet
flowing above reality
for deep in the throb
of every given kiss
a spell got written
and while it rants
between truth and wish
it plunges
getting swallowed
by oceanic waves
their torment
so they forget
that love also
Luz María López


it means endearment
this anarchy of my soul
for i hold you dearest
like a cloud about to rain
yet so timeless over the sky
for i allowed your soul
to pull me with strong winds
over the limit of myself,
as full bloom hallucination
yet love always sparks a cry
and the red rose succumbs
resuscitating in ellipsis
of fire and days gone
- a carnal reverie-
resilient yet fragile
unaware of oblivion.
Luz María López


tequila for a bit of dizziness
an inescapable love whisper
fighting its way to a dream
the sweet confusion rewriting it all
a salty smile hanging around that corner
the one that we crossed one day
when our eyes were candidly talking about us

the reborn shyness of the words
pronouncing that the door was never closed
and maybe it is just the stupor of a gone yesterday
bringing back its nuances as if bewildered again,
for such is love

to kiss sweetly anew on a known frenzy
the prelude to a restless night lived together
when the crazy wish ravaging the skin left a scar,
the same one that today is calling you back.
Luz María López


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ (Puerto Rico). Poet, narrator, editor, translator (Spanish-English), cultural promoter organizing events in her country and abroad. Author of five poetry books. Editor of four international poetry anthologies. Her poetry has been translated to twelve languages and published in prestigious literary journals,four books of poetry of selected authors and numerous international multilingual anthologies.She also contributes essays and academic articles about psycho-social aspects of gender which have been widely circulated in blogs and magazines.Kathak Literary Award 2017.

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