Thursday, March 1, 2018




This separation is unbearable
It takes my spirits down
So down that I go deeply down
It scratches my wounds of loneliness
Leaving my mind all bleeding
Pointless pains prick me
Here and there- then everywhere
No inch is spared for serene space
Every inch is crushed for crave
The heart pumps with no pulse
The lips smile with no joy
The mind weeps with no tears
Only a mask is worn for sure
To make look live and normal
But behind that mask
How much is hidden?
How much is buried?
How much, how much
Hardly can be told & verbalized...
Surely can be felt & realized...


Twenty nine days hammering worry
Made her mental balance topsy-turvy
Her real happy self was gone
Her friends asked what has happened
Her only answer to others was covered
Made up reply to conceal reality
But her actual worry was to return someone
A glorious past, a house of hearty reverence
A life full of love and care unlimited

Passed time and she was pretending
To be what actually she was not
Ultimately on thankful thirtieth day
Terrible tension took a halt
An unexpected knock was heard
Though all hopes awake and awaiting
It was to bring back the beauty home
That knock cancelled many other mind knocks
As prefixed, a fortunate fellow was nearby

Divine soul in charitable mood
Happened to hand over a bag
Full of long cherished dreamy desires
Finally the moment of celebration came
When with dignity and devotion
She could fulfil her sole duty
Raising the silver flag of reverence
She ran fast to meet her someone
Laid bare her heart like a child

Latter could peep into her passions
Gifting someone’s her gone glory
Is no less than chivalrous victory
Smiles scattered within and everywhere
A rare contentment having no name
Was dripping down into her heart
Though many achievements she bagged
This special was her supreme self-made success
A daughter’s gift to her mother so dear

We feel happy on getting tokens
Those who get joy out of giving
Are rare and true givers
Giving someone happy hours,
Pocketing someone pure emotions
Pampering someone with care touch
Providing parents due love
Invaluable relation it is to tell
Of a daughter with her mother


Darkest Night In She-Pigeon’s Life
Death like dawn so dead sure
Was waiting like a wolf so angry
Two pigeons after a happy flight
Were heading towards their homely nest

A waspish and bitter vulture so jealous
Emotionally lured them to a desolate place
Unaware of this catastrophic call
The two pigeons followed blindly
Though they were not blind actually

Faith and too much trust trampled
Their decently done deeds for more than a decade
Unknown to that merciless moment
They entered that vulture’s planned place
Everything and everyone was all set with arms
And a pack of wolves surrounded them

Not a slightest escape they two could think
Shut with a shock inside the fiendish walls
Two innocents were caught badly as bad luck would have it
The moment He-Bird looked around to see
His eyes found his family turned into wolves
How could a family do such devilish deed?
Sad, they were no family anymore that time
They were like hungry hunters- so cruel
And to He-Pigeon’s no knowledge
Wolves were in fixed mood
To hunt for his She-Pigeon
Vulture who was pigeon’s half sister
Behaved more like a step sister
By making her brother helpless
She proved to be an unjust and disloyal dear
Vulture turned into vampire
“How could you do this to me?”
When asked by the pigeon in roaring fury
Dozens of insensible illiterates pounced at him
They pushed, they hit harshly
But hurt them two most everywhere
Subdued his real voice, with heavy hot howls around

In front of He-Pigeon
His She-Pigeon was attacked with arrows sharp
Her soul was torn torturously
It was an hour of unjust at peak
One single She-Bird, silenced by
Many bitterer wolves- all united
What else could be a disgusting design?
This design was fully designed
To make He-Pigeon embarrassed
Stab him in his back without touching

She-Pigeon was no new case
Many others meet the same fate
But her mind made no master revenge plans
Her bleeding heart cried and yelled to the full
She promised and took oaths to come out
Not as weak, gone and frail freak bird
Nightmarish night filled her every cell
With all the more stamina and strength
Too wounded to the core, yet she gave
Her feet firmness, to feathers...fearlessness
A new vigour heading towards her
Healing hope of an enigmatic past connection
Without hitting back to brutal
Without revolting for right and rights
Without melodrama and mourning over that moment
Even without arousing any to avenge
She-Pigeon stood sensibly, gathered her glory
Flew far away fabulously
Showing her bold fleet after sinful storm
Soared so high, no creature could catch
Her inch of creativity glimpse
Encircled by many doves and birdies
Classy company of divine soul so fair
Her flight forwarded towards
Never dreamt fame and golden name
Finding a new love nest of nearness
Leaving behind all unnecessary binding
Erasing every unhappy memory from mind’s slate
She-Pigeon started a new life to live
And kept on scaling high, high and very high...


NEETU VAID SHARMA is a poetess from Jalandhar City, India. Assistant Professor in English Literature for a decade, she has invested her immediate interest in writing.  Being a passionate poet, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her book “PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS”. Her poems chiefly voice never dying love, basic instincts and storm of emotions. occurring unpredictably in the journey of life. She has penned more than one hundred poems to her credit. Though had she tried her hand in short story writing and handful of essays, her crowning taste lies in poetry genre only.