Tuesday, May 1, 2018




In her perky palace
Placed near vivacious Venice

Princess prevailed - the only pearl
An extra ordinary uncommon girl

Bright bringing up so lukewarm
Pink playful spring so pleasantly calm

Her chocolaty eyes always ran
After decent delights and care- can

She used to perfume her room
With her pearly being, even happiness did zoom

She was always busy indoors
Spreading everywhere her passion pours

Her heart was housed with vibes so honeyed
Her mysterious charm made many penniless…moneyed

Finally that moment happened
Princess with charm arms left unweaponed

A good-at-heart lad
Fell for that Princess and went mad

Love locket captivated the two
Chirpy chats and that entire love pee-ka-boo

Instantly Princess got the tag of Queen
Worldly ways - meaningful or mean?

Nature was naturally nosing
Situational storms spontaneously posing

Romantic royal-age met less refined days
Happy wholeness never forever stays

Love so piercing was slicing
Bond so bold was dicing

Pearly Queen’s bubbliness blasted
Dreams ever dreamt no more lasted

Freezed smiles and locked lips
Forget-not- files beautifully she nips

Gifted girl with grit-n-guts
Shrewdly all shocks she shuts

Profuse patience with positivity promising
Continuous calls she kept compromising

Real fighter, anti to unfair ideas so rival
Bold Battler, though at stage larval

One sunny afternoon
Shone out of blue moon

She befriended a joy
Neither a girl nor a boy

Unique ally in fact quite chic
Passionate confidant with powerful peak

Astoundingly fair well wishing store
Where plethora of peace banks at the shore

That joy untold became Princess’s right hand
That helped her inner unrest ooze and expand

Again the ravishing beauty rose
To roar, soar and expose

Her suppressed seething so hidden
Now with her buddy’s help – all bidden

Removing wrinkles from her rosy attire
Princess flared high with the flipping fire

She cornered all the worldly trash
Cloaked her complete self with literary cash

Her palace became the poeticdom
None has ever witnessed, visualized seldom

That was Queens’ quiet closet
Memories she relish and forget

Basking under genres oven bake
Queen alluring one and all with poetic cake


Some people adorn their eyes
With cosmetic powers and feel puffed
Eye makeup is not something bad
Some eyes direly require such setup
Shadowing eyes, outlining eyes, coloured- lenses eyes
But her eyes were altogether absorbing eyes
As per his Honey’s objective opinion
While sitting lonely or sipping tea
She used to get lost into her world of dreams
At that moment her lost eyes looked best
Clouded by the cream of her dreams
All mellowed in the mist of mysteries
Her teddy-brown eyes looked heavily love- struck
Almond sized yet all knowing
Deep-set yet all dreaming
Inertly ignited yet all inviting
Passion filled yet all plain
Unusually warm yet all distancing

As per his words a masterpiece portrait
Can be made portraying “Those Eyes” only
Sometimes they say face is the index of mind
But in her case, her very chocolaty eyes
Were a magic mirror that showcased to the world
All that was bright intellectual and brainy
Her very espresso eyes can woo
Dead drunks and icy intellects
No one can ever escape
The seducing spell of those true eyes....


Your love is ocean deep
I am to consume every droplet

Your love is cuddling nest
I am to relax every hour, minute and second

Your love is passion velvet carpet
I am to roll on and on

Your love is ageless addiction
I am to be real royal spoiler

Your love is healthy vitamin
I am to increase its intake

Your love is spotless skin
I am to wrap it all around

Your love is sky high
I am to sour madly onto it

Your love is gifted divine fruit
I am to immortalize its taste in my mouth

Your love is personal paradise
I am to possess it perennially

Your love is poetic passion-fall
I am to ink my all till my last


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