Monday, April 1, 2019




Wind, oh wind, take my spirit for a spin,
break me free from every spider web sin,
wind, oh wind, blow my sorrows far away,
untangle me from every darkened day.

Wind, oh wind, so mysterious and free,
scoop me away and take me on a spree,
into the realm of mystical glory,
let wonder embrace my earthly story.

Wind, oh wind, whistling a happy tune,
let me fly with you over sand and dune,
lift the waves and scatter them to the skies,
dry each and every tear creation cries.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


When deep disgust and rage overtakes our fear,
that's when we rise up to protect what's dear,
evil and wickedness has pushed us too far,
we refuse to be shoved down into a jar.

We start exposing the darkness of all fear,
to see what it's hiding by drawing it near,
slowly but surely unravel the puzzle,
that casts us into the dirt and the rubble.

Soon all is exposed and becomes very clear,
through elimination we break down our fear,
we uncover the paths that are just and right.
truth and reality lead us to the light.

Forces we have to fight are mighty and strong,
threats and oppression try to hide what is wrong,
strength and encouragement we need for this fight,
as the Holy Spirit guides us to insight.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Wrong decisions throw us in the dark,
soon confusion eats away our spark,
bitter and twisted we fall in a rut,
plucking and pulling at our gut.

Life has rules to guide our way,
consequences brighten or dampen our day,
what we choose we don't always receive,
yet honesty keeps us off paths that deceive.

Can we live with decisions we choose,
when later in life we are sure to lose,
make sure that when the wheel does turn,
our very own deeds don't make us burn.

Life is like many shadows that follow,
bringing the fruits that we will swallow,
planting seeds that bring good yield,
will be the rewards that cover our field.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Paths of light are free and bright,
glorious might within its sight,
delightful flavour for us to savour,
bringing the neighbour joy to his labour.

The way ahead is brightly spread,
earning our bread without any dread,
we rise to every new surprise,
without the lies that bring demise.

Far and near the way is clear,
devouring fear that consumes what's dear,
paths of light elope with the night,
embracing delight in its glorious might.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: The poetess has ventured onto many paths of darkness, not because she wanted to, but, because that is where life took her. There seemed to be a purpose to this madness, as she eventually had to choose between darkness or light for or death for real...she choose light and life and found her way back to Jesus Christ and God and now shares her experiences with us through her poetry.

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