Saturday, February 1, 2020



You Are The One ...My Love

Let me dive deep into your
Deep blue eyes
To see the reflection of my heart
A heart that yearns for you
Day and night
Let me kiss your petal soft cheeks
To feel the smoothness of your dewy skin
Let me pamper your wine-red lips
With my soft fingers with love
Let me lay my head on your soft bosom
To feel the warmth of your love
Let me put my ears
Close to your heart
To hear it beat with your love for me
Let me lie in your lap for a while
Taking me to heaves above
Wear your silver anklets and shake a bit
Let's me enjoy the jingles just tonight!
It's twilight and sky full of stars
right time to make a promise
of our mutual love!
You are the girl whom I crave for
I will stand by you
Through thick n thin
Till the end of my last breath!
I love you
I adore you
I admire you
I long for you alone
princess of my craving heart!


This life is nothing but a dream
In this dream we are all actors
playing different roles!
This God given gift
let not go to waste by trivial fights
and animosity you nurtured till now!
Let's all do something
to make everyone happy
giving up selfish ways n self defence
guarding you from your faults
which suffocated and murdered
many innocents' dreams!
Give a helping hand to the
downtrodden and old
Leave your footprints
when you depart with a clear conscience!
From dust we came
and unto dust we shall depart!
Never give sorrows to anyone
Let your life be an example
for the young ones to follow

Change The World Through
Act Of Kindness

Utter a word of kindness to the
orphaned kids and feed them with love
by your own caring hands
Give a helping hand to the needy
Hug a crying woman who lost her
husband recently and wipe her tears
with compassion from the depth
of your heart !
Console and feed  the old mother shunted
in the old age home by her own offspring’s and hug her and assure her you will take care of her as her own son !
In faith  plead to God to help you  change the troubled world fixing your eyes on your Creator !
Love and faith can move mountains
Let's be that divine love
Which never changes nor falter !
Love endures
Love suffers
Love is sublime
Love is life !
Kindness and love goes
Hand in hand
Making the future bright for the world
Where hatred and ego persists
And a tooth and nail fight for
High power, and hatred is the outcome
which is the beginning of destruction
of the world which God in His mercy
created for man to live in peace !


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