Saturday, February 1, 2020



An Empty Glass

Water, a part of my body
I try to drink it
But when i tried to drink it
The glass was empty
Where did the water go
In no time?
Is the existence
no more than a glass of water?
It's a mystery, it's confusion
What happened?
Yesterday, I was here at the same time
and filled the glass
Would the water not have disappeared
if I had remained here?
Was my mind trapped in the glass


In The Bucharest Park

The moon stood high in the sky
Undulating the waves of the lake
Full of mystery the bushes, the fire in my heart
Suddenly a dark cloud covered the path
and although it was June, summer,
a cold wind blew through my dress
A storm and heavy rain poured down
No place to hide, at loss
and disoriented in the dark forest
all alone, I had to find the way out.


When I Love You

When I love you
Forget the four seasons
I promise you a spring
And a summer of love
Winter never will come
When I love you
Forget that time is passing
Flowers will bloom for you every day
And dawn will rise, day after day, for you
Know, that when I love you,
The flagrance of the green ivy you planted
Never, never will fade away.


ANNA KEIKO, pseudonym for Wang Xianglian, was born in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province, but lives in Shanghai. She is member of Shanghai Pudong Writers Association, president and editor-in-chief of the Shanghai Spring Breeze Literature Association and vice president of the Shanghai Haipai Poetry Society. Her poetry appeared in more than 50 publications in China and abroad, including in the "American Poetry" magazine, at a French poetry blog, in "Universal India”, in “The World Journal of the Philippines", in the "New Zealand Herald", in “Overseas phoenix poetry”, in “British translation society”, in “Canadian literary poetry society”, the “Jiangnan Times” and “Yangtze River”. More than 1,000 of her poems have been published in Chinese, English, French, German, Dutch, Hindi and Arabic. She received many awards. In 2019, the Silver Prize of the first "Zuolong Right Tiger Cup International Poetry Competition", the second prize of the Shanghai Folk Poetry Competition and the National Network Popularity Award. Her poetry collection "Deep Sleeping Language," has been broadcast by Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station. Anna Keiko is also author of prose, lyrics, essays, comedy and drama. She was also invited at several international poetry festivals, such as the 2nd Chalkida International Poetry Meeting in Greece, the 7th Mihai Eminescu International Poetry Festival in Romania and the International Poetry Festival in Chile. Anna Keiko is also an active international poetry promoter. In collaboration with the Spanish cultural organization ITHACA, she publishes since 2018 weekly in Chinese the Poem of the Week, so far more than 54 poets from 21 countries.

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