Saturday, February 1, 2020



Captured Spirits

Seashells roll within ocean waves,
empty homes in their watery graves,
to and fro until they're crushed,
tiny pebbles broken and mashed.

Souls that are lost are played like pawns,
thrown around until daylight dawns,
without a mission man has no purpose,
playing his part in the worldly circus.

Captured spirits roar with frustration,
twirling around in consternation,
bodies trapped by worldly powers,
helplessly caught in evil showers.

There is a way to true escape,
through doors of freedom that stand agape,
serving good within the kingdom of God,
the only power that can break the rod.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Internal Affairs

Why do we have a soul
asks the heart,
what purpose does it serve
where does it go,
the spirit takes the mind
on a little tour,
connecting the dots
as they move along,
the soul is the entrance
to the portals of heaven,
the sacred connection
to the mysteries of life,
it binds us to the core
of divine sensation,
the essence and meaning
of all creation,
through the soul
the spirit is fed,
that guides the mind
as beauty is spread,
to unlock this gate
we need a special key,
which we obtain
without paying any fee,
we join the realm
of spiritual sight,
receiving the gift
of Christ true light.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time ~
the earth was free,
we played in the gardens ~
with joyful glee,
love was true ~
one of a kind,
truth was always ~
so simple to find,
laughter came easy ~
life was such fun,
sharing sweet love ~
under the sun.

As years passed by ~
values became eroded,
liberty awoke ~
immorality exploded,
hearts were broken ~
souls destroyed,
bitter vengeance ~
became deployed,
wickedness erupted ~
evil abounded,
pain and sorrow ~
became deeply grounded,
with unquenchable longing ~
for once upon a time,
our shattered souls ~
cry for the sublime.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


ZARARIA YUL is a South African born poetess and author, who embraced life and jumped in feet first, landing in many troubled situations of which she had no experience at all...always falling into the deep end, half drowning until she managed to find a way out and an escape, which became the journey of her life...escaping from trouble and eventually turning her into a warrior woman....

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