Saturday, February 1, 2020



There Is No Penalty
That Hope Does Not Expire
(Sonnet Artizano)

There is no pain that death does not kill with his spear,

there is no shadow that beats sensitive people

that calms fears and doubts, so haughty;

Repeated pains cause teaching!

I glimpse the distant agony of the groan

that dies defeated, calm, without dress,

There you spend the night out of breath!

Enjoying the blackness of the unfortunate feeling;

He will leave with his illusory and colorless lies,

and bitter and confusing needles of their hours!

Even if the lights of joy didn't go out,

Happy, rested, I would live too.

I repeat: agony does not exceed hope;

The good does not die of pain, without confidence.

Author: Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas-Peru-All rights reserved

(Sonnet style created by the poet Matilde Maisonnave:

Sonnet Artizano, whose final consonants are:


(with emphasis on syllables 2nd. 6th. 9th. and 13th.)

I Want To See The Light
 I Want To See Freedom

I need to drill a hole of freedom

I need to escape this insomniac reality.

A gray horizon

It is better than these blind walls that suffocate me from boredom and bitterness.

A sky with black birds

it is more digestible

live in this prison of memories

scratching your image over and over again.

Free me heavens

of this black night

of these dungeons

They only speak in shadows of confusion!

I want to see the light

get out of this black pit

to whom my love has condemned me.

I still love you

Although you are not here,

I do not know why.

Strangular The Pain

The pain is strangled on the lonely bench

emits howling pain;

sits on his bed of regrets,

Spider the temple of suffering.

How many rosaries fell down his cold lips!

How much salt water spills from your headlights!

Bécquer swallows sing

in his funny love trills

but its wings do not rise,

because they sleep in the mausoleum of misfortune.

What a pity!

Titanium that hurts, tears and crushes,

Tell me:

In which rivers will I bury your dark footsteps?

Don't call me at your door of anguish

I don't want your bitter ice cream

I can't with so much rain


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