Saturday, February 1, 2020



I Learned A Lot
From This Life

I learned a lot from this life
That some things are variable
That some things are unreliable
That some things
Aren't as they seem
I learned a lot from this life
That goodness is the greatest gain
That our heart have found peace with kindness
That life is complicated
That life is incomprehensible
I learned a lot from this life
I learned
That this life is temporary.

Liar Life

Sometimes l think
How is this a life
Question and answer l cannot understand
As like a dream world
A liar life
When is it starting
When is it ending this life
First people seems
Later they disappearing
It is as like this place is swirl for some people
An inextricable a life
Some are crying
Suffering agony
Some are laughing
Lives relaxed
I could not understand
How is this a liar life.

While Die

While born human sound
While die silent
While living
Sometimes sound
Sometimes silent
Sometimes becomes happy
Sometimes grieves
Sometimes stops
Sometimes moves
Sometimes becomes bad
Sometimes mercy
As a result
Who is human?
While him die, him becomes definite
Or falls
Or rises.

TÜRKAN ERGÖR, Philosopher, Writer, Poet, Ambassador for Peace, Professor Honour of Philosophy and Peace, Professor Honour of Sociology, Professor Honour of Psychology, Professor Honour of Human Rights, Doctor Honour of Law, World Peace Icon. Türkan Ergör was born in 19 March 1975 in Çanakkale, Turkey. She is from city İzmir, Turkey . Her father name is Sait Halim Ergör. She graduated from the Department of Business Management, Philosophy and Home Management. She is an International Ambassador for Peace in some countries. She is International Goodwill Ambassador of the Brahmand Evolution Council, the Universal Mission for Peace. She is a member of the WNWU - Union of Writers of the World in Kazakhstan. She has won many international awards. World Peace Icon was elected by World Institute of Peace in 2017. The World Poets Union was awarded the medal for World peace from Italy. Her poems were published in International Antologhies named " Temirqazyq - Best Poet / Writer 2017 World Anthologhy by World Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan, COMPLEXION BASED DISCRIMINATIONS, LET THERE BE PEACE " , ATUNIS GALAXY ANTHOLOGY -2019, IN DEPTH ". She TEMIRQAZYQ-SPANISH Language, World's Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan,   Best Poet/Writer Award 2018-DIPLOMA II won. She was awarded the "World Poetry Star" World Literature Award by the World Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela Prize for Peace and Literature won. She was " SENATOR ELECTED OF THE ITALY WORLD UNION OF POETS FOR CHAMBRE OF POETS " from 29 December 2018 until 30 June 2019. World Royal Family His Royal Highness Majesty of the World Prof. Dr. Dato'Raja Arifin Bin Raja Haji Ali was awarded the Royal document. Paramount Sultan of the Philippines HM SULTAN MORAD S. UMPA and HRH SULTAN ALI AMPASO UMPA gave the title of Princess for Türkan Ergör. She was awarded honorary Professor and Doctorate by various countries. Her message: Our children are crying for peace and love, please abandon hatred and make this World beautiful for our children.

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