Saturday, February 1, 2020



Garments And Tears

The tears of Jacob are my healing
The garment of Joseph is my blessing
I will purge my inner clothing with wisdom of my words
And heal those inner stitches and scars with tears of my fire and my sword
The blood that is spilled all over my soul is a gift of your Holy Spirit
It reached those beats of my heart through the speed of light
A generation of prophecy running all through my veins
The blood of Joseph and the tears of Jacob are piercing my heart in vain
The garments and the tears are my blessing and my curse
Cleansing and purifying my soul as I bleed my Holy Verse
Travelling through the Speed Of Light of generation of prophecy
To catch those glimpses of your celestial beauty
Planets , Stars , black holes governing this inner poetic cosmos of my inherited prophecy
Throw on my eyes the sweat of Joseph's garment
Open their blurry and hazy sight to see better into your sacred sacrament
Joseph is my shield and my dream
In the garment of absolute purification this speed of light is venturing and roaming in its paradisiacal stream.

Broken Pieces
Journeying The Self

Inside me dwells
A woman I totally ignore
How to befriend that Self
I am striving to explore.
All my efforts are gone in vain
The more I come closer,
The deeper is the pain
The Self is the ocean where it is hard to swim
Fleeing the flames of passion to reach the farthest harbor is an impossible dream.
I am escaping from Me to love another Self
While all I have to do first is to love my Self.
Why is life such a curse
A repetitive process, a mystifying rehearse!
Struggling to find back all those misled entities
That in reality stand for my puzzling identities.
Inside me I am whole
When all those puzzling selves are reunited.
All those broken pieces of my soul,
Will be brought back once I am clear-sighted.

The Universe Bells

In my outer speculation I stand erect
Before an inner contemplation I'd like to elect
What's knowing without a clear sight
The universe bells won't be bright.
Silence rings every sound to my ear
But still I don't dare to defy my fear
Music is there in every move I take
A great symphony of the maker for my sake.
The universe is a great bell for me to learn
Like school- leavers that rush for their turn
Life is a long process of learning and wisdom
Knowledge is not enough to boost your freedom.
Let the universe Bell its music ring more and more
The inner melody you're there to explore
When the Silence sits stand up on your feet and listen
To its banned voice and outstanding lesson.


HELA JENAYAH TEKALI is an English teacher, exercising her profession at the Faculty of  Law of Tunis, Tunisia. She is a young spiritual poetess who started writing poetry six years ago. Mrs. Tekali is interested in a special theme in poetry which is Spiritual Philosophy. As she puts. "I believe that Spirituality is the essence of human life. There can’t be a real, genuine and transparent vision of truth without a glimpse of Spirituality in our daily life and thereby, there is nothing wiser in the world than to be endowed with spiritual wisdom." "Spirituality is the Mystical face of religion…. Spirituality is the Mirror that reflects divine vision". "The soul is the essence of our existence. The human body is a mask, a mere Simulacrum. It is the soul that heals, enlightens our instinct and endows our desperate heart with energy, faith and light." "A soulless human being is like a beast wondering in a wild desert, unable to control its deep impulses, manipulates its uncontrollable desires, its intense ecstasy and its unmanageable lust after the material world."

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