Saturday, February 1, 2020



Freedom Of Opinion
And Expression

Life always influence in each of us to every situation
Coming from all directions and all angles in briefing a true story
Moving into the insights of a being
Expressing in one’s own expression

Familiarity of all direction stemming out Truth and Lies
Demarcation what and who in person of true essence
Harnessing in the verbatim of existence truly subsistence
Enriching marvels of one’s own presence

Launching the true meaning of a given life
Certainty respect be bestowing to the person whom I spoken
Respecting the way of life and essence to the universe recognized
Giving meaning to its own kernel of humanity

Engraving the true nature meaning of what life rendered
Informing and disclosing oneself whom one shared
Nonetheless paying homage of true essence in coexistence
Meaningful wonderment of harmonized humanity lively collectively

Safe Space

“A Safe Space is where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural background, age and physical or mental ability. Feeling comfortable (and safe) on campus contributes to your wellness, supports your learning and contributes to your academic and personal success and happiness.  ….” We are A Safe Space by Susan Graziano, MSN, APN (source:
Safe spaces in the context of the marginalized
Seeing beyond the four corner realities of existence
Able to listen and say what deep in one’s heart
Not being threatened in any way possible
Certainly, Harassment not allowed
Moving in the direction of concrete understanding
Whereas biases and known “clowning moments” needless be pacified or controlled
The free hand controls of situations dealt in the valid supervisors in humane manner
Vouching the shared flashes commune to an undertaking for truly non discrimination
Flattery events recognizing the lucid times in forging new heights and new depths in its responsibility
For humane coexistence that marginalized as well as the majority came to its understanding in building the world of diversity as well as recognized harmonized human kind building a better world lively.

Beyond The Life’s Borders

To see the passages of life’s interval
To see the hows and whys of coexistence
To marvel on call its passage to the new frontier
To move into the life’s cornerstone

“Seeing what is believing “
Even the tide of coexist seems to resist
Waking up the doors of its echoes
The life familiar song singing

Communing the scarce demeanor simply relishing
The demise of concerted effort seemingly a distraction
Beyond what is truly beyond the realm of understanding
Determined wall of existence always persisting

Life experiences always valid to consider
Moving beyond the content and context in its fuller realizations
Making life worthy tales timeless and priceless
Beyond what is truly beyond is undertaking of a humanity


ROY MARK AZANZA CORRALES or fondly called by his peers as simply Roy or Mark, he is fond of reading books when he was studying his early basic education at Marist School Marikina. He likes to read manga and comic books. He is an otaku for Japanese anime and Japanese manga. He was also engaged during his college education as part of Editorial Board in the seminary college as Associate Editor Reconciler at University of La Sallete Seminary, Silang Cavite, and also was literary editor at NFPIA Newsletter. He had joined collegiate parliamentary debate and accounting quizzes. At his spare time, he writes inspirational poems. He studied BSBA Management Accounting at ABE International College of Business and Accounting Cainta, Rizal. He was a former seminarian in a Franciscan all male monastery which once he hold position of Secretary General or Secretary of the community and former catechist in a parish from Diocese of Antipolo. After being awarded as Inspirational Poet at PENTASI B HISTORICAL FORUM 2013, he undergone research and has been a contributor/columnist in local newspaper, a press release entitled “PHILIPPINES, Poetry Hub of the World”; Also doing contributions for different anthology poetry like I am poetry, Verses: Storm of Philippine Poets and other anthologies. Last December 2013, he was able to hold a one man poetry show at Library of World Art of Memories. He made his first visual poem entitled humility and was posted at PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry or A Life Walker. This year he is in the process of making his first visual poetry book. He is currently a corporate secretary in a family business which is engaged in exportation of dried seaweeds under Corporation name of “ALGACROPS INC” from 2009 to the present.

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