Friday, May 1, 2020



You Were A Star
And The Stars Took You

In endless galaxies where memories lie,
In the sleepy fog of my soul in the cry,
How the seagull, you take flight suddenly,
And with love, sweet, as a vision come to me.

On every anniversary, you give birth again,
Bouquet of memories from our beautiful life,
Bring me them back with the warm hand,
They on the petals of joys roam like butterfly.

A cherry blossom blows its wings in the wind,
In the window where it plays with very kind,
It was like this day, it was a beautiful spring,
When you arrived from dreams, that were brightening.

You put my soul on a sunny background,
With the beautiful words you put on me the crown,
I made you a butterfly, lifted you up in the sky,
And I put my heart in your hand.

Happiness on both sides gave us,
Years adorned with beautiful dreams,
And time in the years, in our hearts, the glitter left us,
Our days flew lightly with love, as sweet butterflies.

But our days were very short, very short days,
You were a star and they took you, in their chest deep,
But I in the memories in the soul where they sleep,
Sweetly, dearly, I shake your hand, always.

Your Smiles

Your voice gives life to forgetfulness everywhere,
It shakes the dew from the petals of the memorial flowers,
So sweet and cheerful frowns the joy on them,
It stops to caress them like a butterfly of pain.

Fallen and yellowish leaves of wet autumn,
The sweet chlorophyll from dreams they awaken,
From shoulders throw away their old age,
In distant memories they invite us again.

Extinguished spring somewhere on one end,
On the old bench under the forgotten shade,
Where the old tree is still under tears,
It is awaiting a return even though delayed.

From the steps of the soul that is still parching,
The oases of our love are waiting with thirsty,
Like the raindrops that enliven life,
They wait your smiles, as then, to spark them.

In Your Anniversary

With the flowers to bring you congratulations,
I could not come to your anniversary, as my expectations,
The doves of the heart took flight in horizon,
The morning, between dreams, woke you up with song.

Bring flower bouquets to your party, with our memory,
Tied and decorated with ribbons of my warmed love,
To make you happy this day, through beautiful reverie,
Like a warm hand runs sweetly the forehead above.

Fifty-six of your age as they fled as they went,
And wounds and flowers to your soul they sent,
The lost dreams of past years, sadly belching,
Still, how with painful, how much these you are loving.

With a faint voicemail you told me "I feel old”,
The lively heart caresses youth years past,
You were wandering and not told the other word,
Maybe painfully the old age you opened in heartbeat.

When you turn on flame candles above the sweet,
Joy warmed your blood in the aorta, eyes splendid,
How beautiful are you   when the sorrow is wiped?
Happiness, my love! Wish you hundred years.


KUJTIM HAJDARI: Kujtim Hajdari was born in Hajdaraj on April 10, 1956 in the city of Lushnja in Albania. He completed his university studies in Albanian language and literature in Albania. He worked as a literature teacher in high school. He has been in exile in Italy for years and since 2010 he has also become an Italian citizen. He has written many volumes of poetry in Albanian and the last in Italian. He has participated in many international competitions where he has had several appreciations and awards. FINALIST in 7 place in "Europian Poetry Championship” 2020 Up to now, with his poems he is part of 22 international anthologies. His poems have been published in many newspapers in his country and abroad.

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