Friday, May 1, 2020



Theresa Reaching Out
My Soothing Hand

Poetry taking me into India
October leading me into Calcutta
Theresa reaching out
my soothing hand
Comforting the poor, the sick and the dying
Comforting the hardship, the disappointed and the sad
Comforting the faults of mankind
Comforting the wounds of the earth
Comforting the weeping hearts
At Theresa's former home
Her palm is downward, not moving
My palm is also downward, alive
My living palms
Comforting the scars of history
Comforting the repentance of the guided missile
Comforting the tears of orphans and solitary old persons
Comforting the hunger of 800 million people
Theresa's motionless hand
Still comforting the hope of mankind
My hands as green leaves in wind
Comforting the buds of time

For Gandhi's New Statue

The 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth
I came to India on the wings of poetry
to Bhubaneswar in Orissa
I entered gelingjia college with legend
When the music, dancing and flowers heated the sunshine
I looked up while wiping the golden sweat
A new Gandhi statue standing upright
Poets from 82 countries
holding the flowers in their hands
to pay a tribute to the Mahatma of India
I holding the yellow flowers and the time
presenting to Gandhi who walking with a stick
saluting to the nonviolent non-cooperation movement
Mr Gandhi, you were poorer than I am
But you living as the soul of a nation
You used humiliation, pain, disease and hunger strike
You used faith, thought, morality and dedication
to win national independence and world respect
You were shot and fell down in religious hatred
You've lifted and become a human star
I dipped the flowers in the tears of peace
putting them gently on your resurrected body
Please open your eyes to see
The world is still a place of violence and war
Please hold your breath to listen
How many missiles and planes are killing lives
I dipped the flowers in the tears of time
putting them slowly on your resurrected heart
Oh, the great changing and turbulent world
Does it need a new Gandhi?

India Song And Dance

You sing the joy of the snow water from Himalayan
You dance over the waves and clouds in the Ganges River
Your hands, waist and foot bells of dancing
Drawing the smile and illusion of Hindu God
The melody and voice of heaven of your songs
Raising the laughter of the Indian Ocean
Singing and dancing for art on the stages with light
Singing and dancing for life on dirt roads of villages
Singing and dancing like flowers to please God
Singing and dancing with tears and sweat to relax
Eagles dancing in the air, birds singing in the wind
Green is dancing in the woods, yellow is singing in the dust
Only cattle leisurely and carefree outside the singing and dancing
Only dogs resting and sleeping outside the dancing and singing
The subcontinent holding the Himalayas, singing and dancing
Hot India embracing the Indian Ocean, singing and dancing
Singing and dancing brought a multi-ethnic combination
Singing and dancing brought the independence of the colony
Singing and dancing brought Tagore's poems
Singing and dancing makes Gandhi's spirit shining
Singing and dancing makes Teresa's heart lighting
Crows flying and singing over the temples
Eagles flying and dancing for the faith


WILLIAM ZHOU: Published Chinese, English and translated works in literary journals at home and abroad. He has won three National Poetry awards and three international poetry awards. Published four poetry collections. He was invited to attend the World Congress of Poets eight times. Some poems have been translated and published in eight foreign languages. He is now a life member of the World Poet Congress, a member of the Chinese Poetry Society.

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