Friday, May 1, 2020



Amorous Quizzing

You stay aloof
As if,
There were expanses
Of dark matter between us!

It becomes our duty
To be each other's therapy
In this world,
Specially since,
Our bond has been blessed by the Gods!

But then,
You stay aloof
And choose to be blind
To my suffering
Caring not for my painful vociferations
Seeing them solely
As being attention seeking words
Uttered not for a pure cause!

Don't you know
That you are the pond
And I,
The lily?

Don't you know
That you are Existence
And I,

Fate has allowed us
Human forms,
Merely to allow us
To enjoy of our eternal bond
In human forms!

And to the perfectly imperfect
Form that you live in
I choose to give all that lives in me;
Feelings, attention, duties,
Submission, tears, fears,
Kisses, longing, caresses,
And utmost sacrifice!

My Love For You

If you would ask me to describe
My love for you,
I would only be able to tell you
That laden it is with mysticism
That pure in intent it is
That it carries a story,
From that past life which you
Can remember not
And that it will have to continue
In our next one!

My love for you
Is like a potted flower
Seeking your sunshine and your watering
Without which it would bloom not!

It is like the cycle of life
With me being each dawn
And you, the day
With me being each dusk
And you the night!

It is like the inspiration
That bursts the heart of a musician
And you emerge as the song!

My love for you
Is my strength
Without it,
I would have sunk in a void
In which Death would have
Engulfed all that makes me up!

Even in your aloofness
I just know
That somehow,
You feel the same too!


How can you be so attached to this world?
It revolves upon madness
And confusion
Seeking solely to punish
The fallen souls inhabiting it
With toils and turmoil
As big as colossal tidal waves
Merely to have them regret
Their own existence!

Bared is my soul,
Bared is my heart,
Bared is my whole body,
Feast upon all that I offer you
As if
It were the remnants of life's survival
In the cosmos!
Hold it
And together,
Let's go there where the skies will,
Where there is no madness,
No confusion,
No suffering
And no death!

Listen to the beats of my heart
They have waited so long
To see you dance to their tunes
Feel the warmth of my soul
It has kept itself veiled
Merely to enrapt you
Enjoy the sensual gasps of my mortal body
They have been created to please you!


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